COIMA SGR - Torre Gioia 22: a green tower in Porta Nuova Business District
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Torre Gioia 22: a green tower in Porta Nuova Business District


ESG - Environmental Social Governance  /  Completed

Gioia 22 is located within the Porta Nuova Business District, one of the most successful urban regeneration district developments in Europe and the first district in the world candidate to obtain LEED® and WELL® for Community certifications. Gioia 22 sets new unprecedented standards of technological innovation and environmental sustainability for office buildings, becoming a milestone with respect to the new requirements of the working world. With an architecture which expands vertically for 26 floors, it is the largest Italian NZEB building, LEED Platinum and WELL certified, and has already achieved the EU 2° C decarbonisation targets by 2050. The shape of the tower results from the intersection of two urban grids and a simultaneous response to optimize natural light and solar energy. Through an algorithm, has been produced a buildable volume respecting access to daylight for the surrounding buildings. The building is pulled back from the street to create a new public plaza with hard and greenspaces, and on the podium roof a gracious terrace is provided taking advantage of the tower setback. An efficient and compact core located against the east wall of the tower allows for both a single or multi-tenant configuration and reduces its impact on the workstation areas. The open space in the office floors, as well as flexible ceiling layout, allows for customized internal distribution configurations according to the needs of the tenant. A modern system of energy production, passive technologies in the external envelope, and high efficiency plants have been provided. Gioia 22 raises the standards of operational environmental sustainability, reaching new levels of energy efficiency. Groundwater is used to feed Heat Pumps providing for heating and part of the cooling requirements; the remaining cooling is delivered using directly the groundwater feeding the indoor comfort cooling devices without using refrigeration units. Over 6,000 sqm of photovoltaic surface is employed. Gioia 22 is the first building of its size to meet and exceed Lombardy NZEB standard, in addition to being certified LEED® C&S Platinum and WELL C&S Silver. Advanced technologies reduce its energy requirements by 75% compared to the most recent office towers in the Milan area. > 65% energy needs are covered by renewable resources, allowing an annual reduction of 2,260t CO2. The project envisages the use of materials that are locally sourced and safe for the environment, healthy and predisposed to a cyclical nature being Cradle to Cradle® certified. Strategically located near Milan’s main infrastructural hubs, Gioia 22 is served by three metro lines and located between Milan’s two main railway stations which offer high-speed connections to major European cities as well as three international airports less than 45 minutes away. The tower’s façade is composed of panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass and connects inhabitants to the Milan skyline, the Alps in the distance and the nearby “Library of trees” park, which offers the city more than 90,000 sqm of green space and cultural activities. Throughout the project a fluid interaction between interior and exterior spaces and incorporating public and private spaces in new surrounding green areas, offer points of connection between the building and the city. Integrated bike users facilities, walkways and outdoor meeting places allow the building to respond to increasing demand by new generations for green mobility, a healthy lifestyle, and both a respect and connection to environment.


 68,432 sqm (42,386 sqm Above Ground / 26,046 sqm Below Ground) mq
 Pelli Clarke & Partners
 Pelli Clarke & Partners
 Colombo Costruzioni
 Local Architect: Caputo Partnership International S.r.l. Interior Designer & Space Planner: COIMA Image S.r.l. Landscape Architect: LAND Italia S.r.l. MEP Engineer, LEED Consultant: Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.r.l. Structural Engineer: MSC Associati S.r.l. Executive Architect: MPartner S.r.l. Façade Consultant: Faces Fire fighting Engineer: Gae Engineering S.r.l. Quantity Surveyor: J&A Consultants WELL consultant: ARUP Italia S.r.l. Sustainability Consultant: Transsolar Wind Engineering: RWDI
 Donato Di Bello

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