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Ziling Changxing Kindergarten, a "Museum in Clouds"


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The architecuture of the kindergarten is designed a theme of an almost regular and relatively dynamic and rhythmic courtyard, the project adopts Jiangnan architectural elements as the design techniques to create an iconic kindergarten community. By digging into local natural landscape and climatic context and making full use of favorable surrounding conditions, it shapes a lively kindergarten environment, where interior landscape harmonize with outdoor environment and natural and artificial elements are coherent. The design enhances the value of the educational land, and improves the fun and quality of the education environment, and realizes sustainable development. Based on the starting point of each single building equally embracing landscape resources, the project reasonably plans the four major systems including structure, traffic, greening and landscape. The buildings are characterized by pitched roofs, and employs modern architectural techniques to showcase the features of Jiangnan traditional residences. The form that interweaves white wall and wooden-hued grille generates the interplay of solid and void. Partial details on door and window create highlights for the architecture. The concept of the interior design is“A Museum in Clouds”. In order to provide children with a dreamy space, the designer transformed the facade, ceiling and interior floor, making the space modeling shapes like soft and puffy clouds. In the white and dreamy clouds, a school full of love and freedom is gently wrapped. It is a “museum” dedicated by the designer to children. At the entrance lobby on the first floor, a ‘galaxy’ light stripe surrounding six starlike and artistic sphere lamps is designed in an effort to let children stand at the origin of the birth of everything, understand the vastness of the universe and awaken the original curiosity of exploring new knowledge. The white wall also provides convenience for the school to display and publicize. Stepping into the corridor, as a vein connecting classrooms and functional areas, the wall provides a space for children’s works display, and teachers can put up frames and shelves to popularize knowledge and science, which also continue the concept. This vein not only forms the main route for daily life and study in the kindergarten, but also an art museum for children. The skirting lines are designed like ruffles of clouds, and are made into seats for parents and children with soft covering. Under such a design strategy, the strong educational significance of the museum is extracted, which is in line with the nature of the kindergarten. Classrooms have become venues like art galleries, cultural centers, science and technology museums, etc, inspiring the cognitive understanding of different disciplines. Through the dynamic design, children could explore from one hall of knowledge to another. The designer makes great use of smiling curves in line with actual conditions and outlines the soft shape of clouds in the space, while at the same time, also draws inspirations from architect Antoni Gaudí with fine depiction of the details to render a ceremonial grand feeling as the trigger for children's imagination. Swimming in clouds is a unique experience in this kindergarten. Natural ups and downs of the ceiling arc, walls and the edge of the swimming pool are like lovely clouds, lightly lifting the children's fairy tale dreams. Soft light from the hidden pale pink light band and the ball lamp embedded in the ceiling suffuse the scene, which not only protects children's eyesight, but also strengthen the atmosphere. The auditorium is also full of fairy-tale vibe. The spherical ceiling and the white background foil the solemn environment. Lighting up the background lights, the seats with gradient colors render beautiful glows, making the whole space looks gently beautiful. Children seem to be wrapped in the blooming flowers. As an activity and living space, the general classroom is of highest usage frequency and high spatial density in the whole kindergarten. The designer adorns the whole white classroom with gentle macaroon colors, and only decorate the ceiling with artistic lamps so as to avoid grabbing too much attention. The sleeping area is located at the side of the classroom, and the partition screen in the form of jigsaw puzzle interestingly echoes the theme of inspiring children to learn independently. At the same time, it can also be used as a whiteboard for writing and painting, which meets the needs of teachers. In order to cultivate good hygiene habits, the classroom also designed washing pools and other equipment of children size, so that they can learn to grow independently in the real simulated environment. The spire of architecture leads to a characteristic attic classroom. The designer introduces the element of camera with the good wish of "capturing every moment in children's life". Making use of the high ceiling in the attic, the designer put up a play area for climbing up and down, satisfying the children's nature of playing, and the camera lens become passageway and climbing path for children. The childlike decoration on the wall matches the light and soft wood color of furniture, and also underlines the characteristics and delicacy of nobility, making the whole space cozy and lovely. In the simulation city where children could enjoy fun of occupational experience, the designer has integrated the design of simulated facilities into the whole theme, incorporating simulated supermarkets, hospitals, other common facilities and even a real kitchen. The unity of aesthetic makes the space looks like a mini city for children. The designer integrates function, aesthetics and avant-garde expression with considerate thinking, and presents a smart and dreamy aesthetics system accord with children aesthetic needs.


 Shanghai Ziling Education Investment Co.,Ltd.
 12800 mq
 Shanghai Ziling Education Investment Co.,Ltd.: Wang Min, Gao Lianfeng; X+Living:Li Xiang
 Shanghai Ziling Education Investment Co.,Ltd.: Zhu Xingsheng, Xiang Xin, Zhang Zhe, Zhong Yuhao, Ma Jinbin, Su Ting, Qiu Chun, Wang Xin; X+Living: Fan Chen, Chen Xue, Ren Yujin, Hou Yanjun, Jing Wanling, Xie Yu, Li Yaping, Tang Xing, Wang Liyao, Fu Jiawen, Zheng Shuwen, Xiao Yuting
 Li Fang, Wang Yuxi, Wen Jing, Wu Zhe
 International WELL Building Institute: Song Yi, Lucas
 Jieyi Architecture Photography, Chongqing Linwen Advertising Co.,Ltd.


X+LIVING, established in 2011 by Chinese architect Li Xiang, is an international architectural design company involved in multi-field projects including retail, office, hospitality, parent-child, malls, etc. As an award-winning company, X+LIVING has always been noted by professional institutions and medias worldwide for its escher-like visuality and immersive spatial experiences. Owing to Li Xiang’s academic background of architecture, each of X+LIVING’s design works adopts boundary-crossing thinking and unique formal strategy to create theatrical dreamy spaces with story-telling charms that engage the senses and provide fun. X+LIVING takes “design creates value” as the motto and insists on achieving the highest quality of design works from conceptual design to final completion. Employing bold geometries, vibrant colors and rich creativity, X+LIVING still pursues the perfect integration of artistic aesthetics and practical functions whilst never loosing the sight of business purpose.



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