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Bedrie Bebeziqi School, a game of volume distinction through colours

Atria Studio

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Atria Studio

Durrës city, Albania, was severely damaged by an earthquake on November 26, 2019. One of the destroyed buildings was Bedrie Bebeziqi School. Originally intended for residential usage, it was eventually converted into a school. The building site is in the city center, making it one of Durrës most densely populated areas. A total of 450 pupils attend Bedrie Bebeziqi Elementary and Secondary School. Because it was never intended to be used as an educational facility, the site presented a number of challenges. The property is just 745 square meters, which is insufficient to effectively envision a new school with 450 kids. However, this is a difficult site that encourages creative thinking. The main surrounding structures that have impacted the orientation of the new school inside the site, taking into account the existing situation of the neighborhood, are the 9-story building in the north and the 10-story building in the east. The planned building is in a "L" shape to better fulfill the needs of the new educational facility for sunlight and seclusion. Another significant goal is to increase outdoor space. The bottom floor's south wing is then lifted above the columns and opened to the school yard. This intervention allows for the yard area to be expanded in contrast to the current one, improved sun exposure, and improved ventilation. The educational facility would be built on five levels above ground. Preschool children have a space on the ground floor, while the southern half of the classrooms are on the first, second, and third floors, and the administrative offices, sanitary facilities, and storage are on the eastern one. The laboratories and library are located on the upper floor. The veranda is also accessible from this floor. The structure is designed in a straightforward and rational way, following basic architectural principles and presenting long-term practical and aesthetic answers. During the design process, the following key goals were considered: directing all classrooms toward the south, increasing the school yard as much as possible, and creating spaces for lacking functions, all in accordance with current requirements. The aesthetic goal is to convey a compositional whole by using color to create a game of volume distinction. Metallic shaders and plaster are the major materials used in the facade solution. A pure and rational geometry was used in the volume treatment. Because of the amount of sun that Durrës receives throughout the year, shaders must be installed. The geometric purity of the volumes inspires the shape of the selected shaders, with the exception that the geometric shape chosen in this case is triangular. This triangle partially covers the window, giving shade yet allowing clear seeing in specific areas. The colors used for the school's façade are suited for the age of the students. The colors are vibrant and amusing. Given the gloomy colors of the neighboring buildings, the proposed educational institution shines out, creating a more positive and entertaining mood in the area.


 Albanian Development Fund, Durres Municipality
 2057 mq
 Atria Studio
 Enola Martopullo, Anita Hajdari, Albano Guma, Fatjona Malo, Patris Martopullo, Arjan Shyti, Rezeart Zgjanjolli
 Albanian Development Fund
 Albano Guma, Dardan Vukaj


Atria Studio was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing high-quality architectural and civil engineering services, with an emphasis on architectural and urban planning, engineering, and infrastructure studies and designs.
The studio's members are a team of dynamic young individuals with diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to bringing innovation to every project they work on. We create projects using a multi-disciplinary, collaborative design process that includes both technical and creative research. Our work aims to improve our sense of place, identity, and relationship to others, as well as the physical landscapes we live, whether wild or domestic.
The design of Atria is the result of a meticulous examination of how our daily lives alter and evolve. We believe that, in order to meet today's difficulties, architecture can profitably enter a previously uncharted territory.

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