Superform - The cyclical nature of life and the cosmos of the ancient Slavs in one place: PERUNIS - Experience park
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The cyclical nature of life and the cosmos of the ancient Slavs in one place: PERUNIS - Experience park


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Basis With its content, form and symbol, the park exhibits the life of the ancient Slavs in our area. The guests of the park should relive various aspects of the life of Slavs as comprehensively and authentically as possible. The experience park is located at the foot of beautiful mountain Storžič. Location offers a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and village landmarks. Design concept The design comes from the microlocation itself. The longitudial clearing dictates the linear design, symbolicaly treated as principle of kinks and growth rings on a tree stump. Fluidity of the space is achieved by implementing points or nodes along the axis – spine, which flows from south to north, directed at mountain Storžič. The design of the experience park stems from ancient cosmic principles - pre-christian religion gods of Slavs, the cyclical nature of time and cosmic phenomena. The starting point in the design process was connection with surrounding mountain Storžič (karavanke Apls). This is achieved by the conical shape of the pavilion: The pavilion becomes a hill that merges with the surroundings. Because it is partially buried in the ground (similar to the houses of the ancient Slavs), it does not obstruct the view of the mountain. The pavilion is designed in the form of ring, which has an atrium directed towards the mountain. The atrium is designed as amphitheater, allowing for public events to take place in the center, where the linden tree (a symbolic tree of the ancient Slavs) is located. The roof of the pavilion descends from the inner ring at the top all the way to the ground level and is reminiscent of the design principle of alpine houses on Velika Planina. On the north side, the inner ring descends to the ground and allows a circular path along the circular ridge of the roof around the atrium and an exceptional view of the surroundings from the top of the roof. The ring-shaped pavilion offers a circular path where the beginning and the end meet and symbolically represents the cyclical nature of life, the processes in nature and the cosmos of the ancient Slavs. Interior The interior space is reminiscent of a cave. Organically shaped volume serves as the frame for interactive exhibition. The mystical atmosphere is underpinned by materials (wood, clay). As a living organism, the entire pavilion merges with the micro environment, nature and the cosmos.


 Municipality Preddvor
 1600 mq
 Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek, Špela Gliha, Marcel Žnidarič
 Experience design: Franc Franc
 visualisation: Maj Meden


SUPERFORM is an architecture company from Slovenia, founded by Marjan Poboljšaj and Anton Žižek in 2001. It is distinguished by its recognisable and unique custom-made and customer-centric architecture. »In the Superform bureau, we create responsible and recognisable architecture that expresses our client’s identity. Together with our clients, we cocreate and upgrade the built environment for a more beautiful world. We believe in architecture as something beyond function and form. It is a multi-layered experience based on stories and adventure. AWARDS: Architizer - Finalist; Residental building, 2022 BigSee – Winner; Interier design, »Fluent design«, 2019 The Plan Award – Winner; Showroom and Car Park – Future, 2019 The Plan Award – Winner; Production facility Tajfun - Future, 2018 Archdaily – Nomination; Building of the year ’18, Office building Architizer - Finalist; Industrial building, 2016

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