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Flexibility of use, quality and environmental comfort in one place: Youth Center

ENG Group S.r.l.

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ENG Group S.r.l.

The considerations that led to the request by the municipality of Pieve di Bono-Prezzo (a small town in northern Italy) to build a Youth Center, came from the need to combine the demand for a place, suitable and meaningful to the social representation of the world of youth, with the need to re-conceptualize a building volume, within the built-up area of Creto and in the center of the Valle del Chiese, in all possible accessions: functionality, practicability, flexibility of use, quality and environmental comfort. ENG Group's proposal was aimed to design a Youth Center with an architectural solutions that are integrated in a context of marked functional and managerial flexibility. At first glance, the new building complex designed by ENG Group was configured as a juxtaposition of differently oriented but strongly unified building units. The entire building appears to be arranged on the northeast/southwest alignment. In fact, along it the body on the ground floor was located, which according to forecasts was intended to house the bar-internet point functions, kitchen, rooms for youth activities. In this area, the dialogue with the rest of the community has been attributed to a portico that runs through the entire building and symbolically is configured as the "path" of internalization of social reality that leads young people to the role of effective members of the community. The northeast/southwest direction was partially contradicted on the second floor by the orientation of the body that "looks" at the castle, meant as a symbol of its environment and its history, and by two bodies that intersect the main one and "overlook" the urban agglomeration, heralding the compositional values that are clarified in the interior spaces. At this level there are three multipurpose halls, which can be transformed into a single room with 202 seats, a foyer space, and functional spaces, providing organizational support for the initiatives taking place in the multipurpose spaces. In the basement volume, different halls have been provided for the use of the municipal administration for the organization of different activities as well as technical and storage rooms. The building was designed in the style of the ancient Rhaetian dwelling, typical in many mountain areas in northern Italy: the top floor with a wooden structure overlaid on a masonry load-bearing shell. From a technical point of view, the basement building volume and the emerging envelope on the ground floor are planned with a reinforced concrete structure; the volumes on the second level with a wooden structural frame and pressed plant fiber. The external area was redesigned to provide a strongly connoted unified space able to correlate and give a figurative coherence to the whole operation. In particular, a diversification and characterization of the outdoor space was designed with the creation of an area for socialization activities: games, dance, theater and sports. In the ENG Group's project, the building system is designed based on the "energy saving" concept, where the landscape "cooperates" with the overall energy balance. The building envelope is conceived as an active interface, a mediating element between the indoor and outdoor environment, a kind of regulatory and sensitive machine to optimize and rationalize energy and natural resources.


 Pieve di Bono
 1580 mq
 Michele Bertagnolli, Michele Buizza
 Michele Bertagnolli, Michele Buizza
 Cornelia Suhan, Lorenzo Linthout


ENG Group is an architecture and engineering company that aims for excellence in the performance of its profession and in Client relationship. We are a design integrated company that, in order to support the Client to reach their goal in terms of quality, time and costs, has assumed an efficient and modern corporate physiognomy projected, organizationally and mentally, to the development of projects with high technical content, multidisciplinary and with fast response times and secure realizability.

ENG Group's strength is the ability to approach a project by visualizing it in its entirety. ENG GROUP, from the feasibility phase to testing, is at the Customer's side along the path that leads them to reach their goal.


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