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Villa Widiksson, an ecological domestic experiment

Abelardo Gonzalez Arkitektbyrå

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Abelardo Gonzalez Arkitektbyrå

Villa Widikson is an ecological domestic experiment. The house’s roof is divided in two inclined plans, one as a part of the main facade in white corian, the other is a big surface covered in black solar panels facing the sea, area with more sun and light possibilities. The long swimming pool, reaching towards the sea, works as a radiator by reusing the heat and heating the whole house. The collected solar energy is heating the water in the pool, the waste heat is collected in the spaces on each side of the pool and is used for heating the rest of the building. The villa uses natural ventilation in the attic, creating a crossing from one side of the house to the other side, increasing its effect by using skylights working as chimneys which make the interior air circulate. The big windows allow for an abundance of natural light and are very effective in diminishing the use of electrical light. Villa Widikson is situated by the sea, in the prominent Tylösand neighbourhood outside of Halmstad. Designed in 2017 for a family of two: a couple wishing to host their two adult children and their respective families. The client´s wish was a villa with large social space, a meeting place for the whole family and spacious garage as showroom for his private car collection. The concept is very simple; a ground floor for the car collection and an attic as the living area parallel to the sea, granting an astonishing view of the Kattegat. A ramp connects the street to the terrace and main entrance at the attic floor. The terrace will be framed by lush greenery in a cascade of foliage on top of the ground entrance. The house was envisioned to be built along a series of spaces as curtains that open and show different views. These curtains run like a sequence of architectural events through the whole construction, in an axis from the kitchen area to the other side of the sleeping quarters. Another axis runs from the street to the sea, passing the entrance hall, the garage and the pool. The sea makes the natural terminal to the sequence. In order to connect the house with the Kattegat, I’ve placed an elongated swimming pool, reaching towards the sea, connecting two bodies of water. This is the main spatial axis of the building. The pool reaches, visually, the sea and one could say it’s possible to see the pool as a framed part of the sea itself or a bit of nature lifted into the building. At the very moment one enters the house, by the main entrance at the attic level, one can see the pool´s infinite surface of water and see how it connects with the immense surface of the sea outside. The idea of nature penetrating the architecture was inspired by an old science fiction picture by Tarkovskij, Solaris, where the lawn extended itself into the living-room. The house is composed as several spatial units that have been put together in order to make a linear asymmetrical composition and in this way a dynamic and exciting dimension has been achieved. Description The site is surrounded by forest and coastal dunes with the house in the middle. At the lawn facing the street, a granite bird bath is placed towards the beginning of the ramp. The front of the ramp and the walls has been clad with black ceramic bricks. The attic´s roof has been clad in white Corian tiles. The windows consist of three isolating planes of glass with profiles made in aluminium lacquered in black. The entrance-door, as well as the car gate which leads to the yard, is made in chestnut veneer. The flooring at the entrance is performed of Offerdal slate. The rest is performed in ash from Dinesen. The walls are plastered white as well as the ceiling The attic consists of a kitchen area in the south, continuing in to the dining room, living room and ending in a sleeping quarter. The kitchen and it´s snug are open towards the dining room while one also keeps contact with the living room and the poolroom. The floor in the elongated poolroom is clad with granite. The size of the pool is about 14x3 metres and is also clad with granite. The pool´s dark grey painted ceiling reinforces the axis in a perpendicular direction from the north-south axis, defining the main axis between the entrance and the sea. Panoramic wall-to-floor windows enclose the poolroom, offering views of the beautiful surroundings while connecting to the social areas of the house. The space between the private quarters and poolroom hosts a small gym equipped with shower and sauna. The main staircase is a separate terrazzo- and wood construction inside a box of glass and concrete. The steps are made of massive chestnut wood, reposing on white terrazzo steps. This staircase also serves as a direct communication with the garage. The house is equipped with an elevator as well to fulfil the communication requirements. When reaching the attic from the staircase one faces the pool straight forward while the sleeping area is located to the right. This includes three bedrooms, ensuite-bath, a walk-in-closet, utility room, private balconies and a extra bathroom. To the left one finds the living room, dining room, kitchen and snug . Solar panels are placed along the roof facing the sea, producing energy for the house itself. It was important that the heat produced by the pool did not go to waste; therefore, the spaces surrounding the pool are accumulating heat and reusing it to heat the rest of the house.


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 Abelardo Gonzalez
 Abelardo Gonzalez Arkitektbyrå


Abelardo Gonzalez Architecture Office was founded in 1980 by Abelardo Gonzalez, architect member of the Swedish Association of Swedish Architects (SAR) and of the Swedish Association of Interiors Designers (SIR).

Abelardo Gonzalez Architecture Office has received several international awards such as the first award for Architectural Review celebration for the project “Hotel Tunneln”; Honourable Mention at “The 9th International Biennale of Interior Design Creativity” and the second award at Tarketts 50 year Anniversary in Stockholm. By a series of well-performed works has the Office gather the attention of well-known architecture and interior design magazines like Designers Journal (London), W.I.N.D. (Tokyo), Casa Vogue (Milan) and Living Architecture (Copenhagen).



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