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A park to do daily sports and play


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With the rapid development of society, people's life is more and more closely linked to the Internet. Cities also develop with the development of human society. Therefore, the living space and facilities in the previous cities can no longer meet the requirements of the present people. They may need sites and facilities that are more contemporary, interesting and intelligent. The Smart Playground of Chengdu East Lake Park was transformed and upgraded under such demand. The project environment before the renovation was very bad. Although the project was in the center of the main city with a large flow of people, the old facilities made people have no intention to stay, so the renovation was imminent. Site in the city center, near the city's largest natural lake, rich in natural resources, so every morning and evening, there are a lot of people come here for a walk, but due to the old, overgrown grass, there will be many mosquitoes in summer, people are not willing to stay here too much, so the design team is standing in the perspective of urban renewal, to think about how to make a resurgent. Therefore, the intelligent parent-child gathering field is also a highlight in the reconstruction and upgrading of the whole site. Due to the small area of the site, the design team divided the site orderly and sorted out the flow line of people and the travel line to make the whole site open and close properly. And through the planting of plants around the sports ground, the air in the sports ground is full of oxygen, and the decomposition of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide. The design team introduced two groups of fantasy and happy interactive facilities, spinning bike and bubble forest, which added a lot of interesting and varied sports to the site. Spinning citizens scan a code to start and can choose either mountain mode or competitive mode, which varies in difficulty and intensity. If you play with friends, the two bikes can choose to turn on the racing mode. The energy in the cycling process is transformed into a fountain in front of the bikes. The faster the speed, the higher the fountain's water column. Let the citizens of the sports life more fun. Another group of bubble forest is for families. There are many lollipop columns of different heights, just like the candy forest. Each candy column has a bubble hole at the top. After scanning the code on the mobile phone, stand on the jump touch board and start to jump. The faster the jump rhythm is, the more bubbles float out of the bubble hole. With the wind blowing, the whole site is immersed in the dream bubble rain of bubble forest. And this scene has become the children's favorite scene, children chasing colorful bubbles in the wind, become the most beautiful memories of their childhood. After the design team presents the fun of the site, security is also an important part. The paving of the site is based on environmental sustainability. The overall sports facilities use low power when standby, all fitness equipment adopts 24V low-voltage power supply, and set leakage protection device, so that children run and play in the spring, close to nature while ensuring the safety of electricity. On the other hand, considering the field of small and medium-sized friends too much, plus the bubbles to float out of the long time of air bubbles in the forest, the influence of the area of both throughout the year have flowering plant species selection, and tree species selection have the functions of sterilization, drive midge plant, not only can filter out the harmful gas of the field, can block uv rays and dust from the atmosphere, To provide a safer sports environment for children in the venue. The project has become a place for citizens to do daily sports and play. People of all ages are very fond of sports here, well received and praised by the citizens. There has even been a craze on social media for on-site punching in. Here, people can start a happy exercise experience through mobile phones, and automatic charging operation can be realized without human intervention, which maximizes economic benefits and drives surrounding businesses. Beautiful and interesting experience of fitness, attracting crowds gathered, stimulate consumption, at the same time, in the night it has also become a good place for citizens to exercise at night, 24 hours full time exercise fitness a young new way to make friends, love sports people meet like-minded partners, here is a let people's encouraging thing.


 600 mq
 Qian Yang
 Yunfei Guo;Zhuojun Wei;Qiming Liu;Wenjie Wang;Kexin Wang;Shaofeng Zhang;Yunzhu Li


SecondNature is a landscape design company from China. The company integrates digital technology with landscape design to create dynamic sites with a more modern and ecological feel.


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