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Prometeia, an exemplary case of sustainable architecture

Open Project

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Open Project

Founded in Bologna in 1974 by a group of young academics as an independent institute for economic research, Prometeia is a leading provider of advisory services, tech solutions and research insights and one of the top European companies for Risk and Wealth Management solutions, as well as services for institutional investors. The project for a new Headquarters for Prometeia involved major refurbishment of an existing office building built in the 1970s. The existing buildings included one main block, 6-storey high, overlooking Piazza Trento Trieste and two smaller 2-storey blocks, that share a concrete structural frame as well as two basement levels. Our intervention included the complete removal and replacement of the existing facades with a high-performance building envelope, adapting the internal layouts and replacing internal finishes, upgrading the fire safety system, and carrying out structural reinforcements to improve seismic resistance. The redevelopment respected the architectural language of the existing buildings, particularly the large glass façade at Piazza Trento e Trieste and the ribbon windows on the other facades, replacing the original materials with more innovative and performing ones, together with a state-of-the-art mechanical system and other design features. The new headquarters feature a large open work space and some cellular office spaces, as well as meeting rooms of various sizes. Operational areas such as, the hall, dining areas, archives, warehouses and parking lots were also designed. The building maintains a strong connection with the surrounding natural environment, with a fully glazed north façade that looks onto the green landscape of piazza Trento e Trieste. The view of nature gives the office space a pleasant and biophilic environment. The relationship between the built space and the natural environment is significant from the aesthetic point of view as much as substantial, since the building is an exemplary case of sustainable architecture, a model of high energy performance, certified LEED Gold. The project is an exemplary case of sustainable architecture, and employed a range of design strategies to maximise visual and thermal comfort, optimise energy efficiency and reduce both operational and embodied carbon. The design team identified the ‘carbon hotspots’ early in the preliminary design process, and focused on the building structure as the building elements where the greatest carbon reductions could be achieved. A decision was made by the client to maintain the existing structure, strip out and replace the facade, as well as internal finishes and MEP services. As part of our in-house R&D objectives, we conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to quantify the carbon savings from our preliminary design strategy by looking at “what if” scenarios. The study revealed that maintaining the concrete frame could result in a staggering 1.400 tons of CO2 saved (assuming that it was going to be replaced with CEM Cement). At Open Project, we believe in the importance of first exploring the possibilities of retrofitting existing building stock, as an alternative to demolition, to rebuild when the opportunity to address new building and space requirements demand it, and finally to ensure our projects are improving climate change resilience.


 Prometeia S.p.A.
 9.282 mq
 Open Project
 Open Project
 Cefla s.c., AZA S.p.A. (façade contractor)
 ESA Engineering S.p.A. (mechanical, electrical and acoustic systems), ICS S.r.l. (fire prevention engineering systems)
 Beppe Raso


Open Project is a mature Architecture and Engineering firm, a pioneer that
has opened doors and is paving the road for future commissions, having
construction experience since 1984. The focal point of our brand is working
alongside the client from the initial imaginative concept through design
phases and into final construction.
We approach the design process and construction through problem solving;
responding to specific client needs by means of an interdisciplinary method,
integrating Urban Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Space Planning,
Structural Design, MEP integrated design, Project Management and Site
Open Project offers a wide range of services, thanks to an integrated and
flexible team of highly specialized collaborators. With more than 50 designers,
architects, engineers, and support staff, we operate as one. Imagination, design
and creation take form simultaneously due to the combined skills of our team.


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