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Yangshuo Central Business District: house in the garden, garden in the city

AU Architectural Planning and Design Consulting

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AU Architectural Planning and Design Consulting

The site is located in Yangshuo county, where the landform is rocky hills and mountain land. Here newly planned core area will become the core development area of the CBD in the southern region. Based on the requirement of "house in the garden, garden in the city", the layout of buildings is well arranged, which meets the general layout requirements of the Garden City of Yangshuo New City. In terms of planning, combined with the inherent urban spatial pattern of the entrepreneurial service center, the project extends the original spatial axis. In the urban central axis, the design of the fifth space is added to extend the traditional two-dimensional space opening effect to the vertical structure, so as to achieve the long-cherished wish of enriching and upgrading the urban space. Four groups of courtyards in different sizes and shapes are organically arranged along the street interface. All entrances are oriented towards the central courtyard, creating communication and interaction. The outdoor corridor is designed on the ground floor connecting the four groups of courtyards from inwards to outwards, and then the central courtyard is built up a comfortable vertical transport, so as to achieve the spatial effect that each courtyard can be connected mutually. Meanwhile, the central courtyard as an exhibition center is also the landmark spot of the whole business center, adopting the hinterland architectural mode. The stilted ground floor breaks through the interface barrier between the urban space axis and the natural river, introduces the landscape into architectural volumes. In addition, rooftops can be accessible through ramps, on the form of ‘up and down the space effect’. Architects adopt bright color vegetation with yangshuo climate characteristics for roof greening, at the same time set up outdoor recreational space, intimate conversation space, healthy exercise the runway, released news show space, etc., providing spaces for future activities. The traditional herringbone sloping roof of Yangshuo is deduced and simplified with modern techniques to construct a roof in different lengths, which rises and falls to form a rhythm. The facades mainly adopt glass and stone curtain walls to keep a clean, tidy city interface. The current popular LED flexible light mould, attached on the glass curtain wall, not only ensure indoor light quality requirements, but implement the project of the display window of the city.


 Yangshuo County Yanghong Investment development Co. LTD
 250000 mq
 HEI Haijun, OU Dong, QIAN Xiaohang, CUI Wenpeng
 SUN Baoyu, XIONG Yi, MING Min, WANG Wei, XU Yaojia


As an architectural planning and design consulting company with a global vision, AU Architectural Planning and Design Consulting’s business covers: positioning consulting, planning, architecture, landscape, interior design and other majors. It has long focused on complex real estate projects such as commerce, culture, tourism and industrial towns, and strives to provide customers with all-round consulting services and comprehensive solutions.

The company is committed to product model research and development and joint research and development with customers, and strives to create unique value for customers. It has successively established long-term strategic cooperation relations with China Resources Group, Wanda Group, Tianyang group, Zhixin group, Chengdu culture and tourism group, Jinke real estate group, etc. Adhering to the reputation and quality is the life of AU. It does not repeat others or its own academic and innovative spirit.


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