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SINOPOWER: a comfortable space for enterprises

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Lying to the east of Qilin Central Park and north to the Yuliang River and urban green land, the SINOPOWER is situated in the key area and prime location of the industrial cluster of China Energy Valley, with a base of excellent landscape. The SINOPOWER consists of Plot A and Plot B, which have been connected by the main axis of landscape. With the park ecological environment as the background, the experience of rich dynamic scenes has been created by the cluster space and the external water-front landscape. In view of the freedom degree of operation and the enclosed arrangement of the main space of the building, the spacing and forms of plots are varied. The retreat platform and landscape are subject to staged treatment in the design so as to release the difference in height, as the elevation of the plot is 2.5m lower than the slope of Yuliang River on the north side. In order to upgrade the image of the City and the Park, relieve the space pressure and ensure the permeability of the architectural space, the Plot has been divided into several organic parts, such as Riverside Park landscape, college-style lawn and terrace landscape, so that more comfortable environment is available for urban residents and park employees to have a rest or walk around. The project provides comfortable space for enterprises of all sizes, and also meets the living needs of employees in the Park. MALL-style Park and independent waterfront block Park are two different types created by the architects. The MALL-style Park consists of 4 office buildings and 1 apartment. The Plot contains industrial office buildings, green building demonstration buildings, industrial service centers and panoramic talent apartments. In order to be convenient for the centralized use of enterprises and employees, the Plots are flexibly divided into different areas and equipped with high-quality public supporting facilities, thus facilitating rental or large single-house disposition; Thanks to the service functions of each cluster, college-style lawns and fully afforested Industrial Valleys, the ecological environment of the headquarters is more attractive and pleasant. The independent waterfront block Park consists of 7 independent office buildings, with 6 of them for sale and 2 of them for rental. The extension of the unified style of the podium makes the connection between buildings more compact, better displaying the beautiful image of the Park in the City. The vertical retreat-platform garden, overhead space and water-front landscape are integrated to create a block-pattern shared working atmosphere. In the key links into the City and the internal space of the buildings, the scene of the Park is mainly designed to be accessible and experienced, thus strengthening interpersonal communication and advocating social culture. As green demonstration buildings, the corner buildings of Plot A and Plot B are designed in BIPV style, thus integrating photovoltaic functions into the buildings. The feature walls located at the entrance of the buildings are landmark structures, which can be used as air-guide walls to bring outdoor fresh air into the room in cooperation with the facade windows. The space of atrium can be used to regulate the ecological climate of the whole building. In the transition seasons, the open sky-window can "pull the wind" by hot-pressing; in winter, more sunlight can be imported indoors, so as to reduce the use of air conditioners. In order to perfectly show the demonstration buildings at the street corner, the double-layer photovoltaic curtain walls have been selected, and the fixed fasteners are designed to connect the glass made of two dissimilar materials; inside the Park, the curtain walls are designed to combine the metal grilles and aluminum plates, thus highlighting the transverse lines and presenting the visual impact effect; the main body of curtain walls of Plot B is also designed in this way, with the combination of three materials highlighting the feeling of simplicity and lightness.


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Founded in 2003, GN Architects is committed to the integration of professional depth, product thinking and artistry, and tries to run through the concept of "mass architecture" in the design practice. We aim to make the design easy to be understood by the public, ensure the final realization, and really participate in the users' life. In the fields of planning, culture and tourism, high-end residential areas, interior and landscape, our projects have made outstanding achievements, especially in the two sub fields of health care and industrial park office. Representative projects include Tencent Wuhan R&D Center, Jushi Technology Building and Flying Carpet, etc.


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