Matrix Design - NEW HOPE D10 has a charm that is both avant-garde and elegant
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NEW HOPE D10 has a charm that is both avant-garde and elegant

Matrix Design

Mixed Use  /  Completed
Matrix Design

The design team follows the culture of localization and combines aesthetic fashion to create the most landmark building in the city with a new and trendy space form. The interior space continues the building's streamlined curved language, reproduces the international cutting-edge modern approach, and the soft furnishing design is also based on trendy materials, leading the fashionable high-fashion space, truly blending bold avant-garde and elegant charm in one, elegant and luxurious. The warm and elegant earth color sets the tone of the low-key and calm space. The gold is integrated into the mirror element to make it more exquisite and luxurious, forming a rich visual effect under the projection of light and shadow, and the soft curves, without being cumbersome or deliberate, but presenting the corresponding sense of ritual and quality in the best way, rich and dynamic. Entering the reception vestibule, the high design connects the two spatial dimensions of the vestibule and the art staircase. The soft lines along with the warm light fill the space from top to bottom, presenting an elegant and exquisite spatial demand. The vestibule and the art staircase are articulated by crystal chandeliers up to 16 meters high, and the crossover of three-dimensional and flat surfaces gives a strong sense of ritual, which is the most beautiful subtlety of this case. The crystal prism wall that pours down from the ceiling like a waterfall fills the space with light by sensing the brilliance of life. The floor-to-ceiling sculpture of the art staircase adopts the outer architectural form of magnolia flower, while extracting the elements of fine furniture for redesign, which not only gives the sculpture a new meaning, but also fits the theme structure of magnolia flower in this case, and under the leadership of light and shadow, constructs a free, dynamic and imaginative quality space. The interface of the negotiation area is pure and simple. The flower branch-shaped modern LED chandelier on the ceiling sets the focus of the space in a fashionable and efficient way, reconstructing the traditional aesthetics in a modern way, with light outlining the contours of the space between them, and the whole is comfortable and smooth, with a simple and elegant atmosphere. The patchwork of beige and light brown furniture gives the space a high degree of affinity, and the rich texture overlay of fabric, leather and velvet pulls the exquisite and fashionable modern metropolitan atmosphere to the full, conveying the modern resident's perception of life and aesthetic pursuit. The water bar is harmoniously connected with the negotiation area, with the help of the curved language of the marble bar, the traditional ink painting-like texture is dense in it, the metal and fabric interwoven seats are embellished in it to enrich the visual level, and the poetic modeling process makes the whole present like a brand boutique window. The curved glass sculptural screen not only realizes the mutual transformation between the dynamic lines, but also can well distinguish the functional properties of the space. The transparent but not transparent glass material gently incorporates the natural light, so that the VIP indoor and outdoor easily integrate together, creating a quiet and tranquil environment for visitors to negotiate. As a transition of space, the art gallery dissolves the original partition, uses the pure natural space architecture as the base, and uses the contemporary art symbols in it, the technique of white space makes the whole space achieve the beauty in the virtual and real, and conveys a romantic and beautiful dreamy atmosphere. The meeting area is semi-enclosed by hanging acrylic fringe devices, creating a shimmering, mysterious area. The gradient acrylic material shows subtle color changes under natural light, enhancing the fashion sense of the space. The soft round corner leather sofa and round coffee table give people a relaxed and casual feeling, and the ink-colored wall and date red sofa, with a calm tone, harmonize with the light-colored carpet in a different space texture, highlighting the elegance and luxury of the space. Round, the spiritual prototype of Chinese civilization, is also an indispensable element in oriental aesthetics. The banquet hall, from the top ceiling to the carpet, always runs in a circle, from top to bottom in layers, the oriental atmosphere and exquisite subtlety care for each other, and the flowing metal tableware and the delicate and colorful flower works together convey the real and lively human fireworks. White rounded lines of lighting devices, mapped on the azure water in layers of wrapped posture, rich in technology and a sense of fantasy, like a dazzling time tunnel, swimming to the romantic and mysterious distant. The yoga and fitness room is connected to the courtyard, which is intended to open up the indoor and outdoor space and greatly extend the viewable area of the space, so that you can enjoy the free life while exercising.


 Chongqing New Hope
 2600 mq
 Wang Guan, Liu Jianhui, Wang Zhaobao
 Matrix Design
 Shi Xiang Wan He


Founded in 2010, Matrix Design is dedicated to providing high-end design services. Leading designers of our team all boast many years of experience in serving renowned domestic property developers, and have established a long-term stable partnership of mutual trust and common development with clients. There is a Chinese old saying, "Nothing can be accomplished excellently without norms or standards". Matrix Design takes it as the core concept of the company. Every Matrix Design staff matters. The company exists and develops because all of our staff have a common mission: "Let design return to the East". There are two meanings of our mission: carrying forward design works of oriental-style, which is what we want to do and good at; and improving the visibility of Chinese designs across the world. Matrix Design is young, and we see China as a large market with great vitality and potential.

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