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Villa Pinède, a magical, mind-blowing atmosphere

ALTER EGO Project Group

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ALTER EGO Project Group

The interior of villa Pinède by ALTER EGO Project Group dazzles and captivates you right at first glance: you relish its spaciousness full of light and air, its sophisticated stylistic allusions, exquisite finesse of natural materials and magnificent execution of every single detail. This family residence is meant to become a hereditary jewel, a legacy for future generations. One of the customer’s key demands was utilising rare and exclusive natural materials. The creative team collaborated with the manufacturers who use in their production woods from controlled and programmed cuts and extract stone in accordance with the Natural Stone Sustainability Standard. The stone was in fact given a leading role in the beautiful interiors of the house. The rooms are finished with unique marble, granite, calcite and onyx individually selected at the best Italian quarries. The main house connected with a SPA complex by an underground gallery and the guest house are surrounded by an extensive garden. The floor-to-ceiling windows afford stunning views, which turn into elements of the interior, start a visual dialogue with it and are echoed in the decorative motifs. The harmony of architectural and interior choices creates a feeling of completeness. The design of the facades is replicated and enhanced in the large-scale relief panels, in the wall, floor and furniture finishing. The originality and distinctiveness of the interior is coupled with it being practical, consistent and pure in an avant-garde manner. The planning solutions are made with the modern ideas of comfortable life in mind, and the functionality of design sets the tone for the whole project. This functionality creates the setting in a necklace with individual stunning details, unmatched décor and art objects shining like precious gems in it. The compositional and conceptual centre of the villa is the stunning lounge area, a focal point for the entire family. It brought to life the customer’s cherished dream to unite all the family members, and, despite their age gaps and different interests, to let them spend time together. This one space includes various zones for conversation and rest – a sofa set with a TV-zone, a fireplace area, a dining room and a musical salon. This central space leads to the family’s private rooms on the left and on the right. The planning idea allowed cleverly setting up an imposing spacious hall with the ceilings of up to 6 metres, creating a feeling of purity and balance and filling it with light and air. The ornamental pattern on the bespoke “carpet” made of the rarest kinds of marble has become a visual centre of the house, the symbol of the family union. One of the most unique features of the interior is certainly the fireplace in the lounge. This 6-metre high art object is made of a single slab of marble with the use of innovative technologies of stone processing. Its décor looking like folds of marble “fabric” is inspired by classical sculptures of great Renaissance masters. The decorative effect is enhanced by the unusual texture of the marble with its grey background and white veins, which resemble a beautiful picture depicted by Nature. The tall two-leaved entrance doors and the decorative relief panels with floral motifs built on the bespoke designs by the ALTER EGO team create important focal points. The rich floral ornamental patterns hand-carved from tufa replicated the exterior elements in the interior. Another point to admire is the spiral staircase. The tracery flower petal railings of the staircase are developed by the ALTER EGO designers and are subjected to galvanisation producing a complex nickel-plated finish. The interior would not work without carefully planned lighting which creates a magical, mind-blowing atmosphere. The wow effect is achieved by the central chandelier made of Venetian glass, a work of art by Italian masters handing down their craft secrets through generations. The engineering solutions in the house make use of the state-of-art technologies in ventilation, air conditioning, humification and heating. The Smart Home System is responsible for life sustenance while taking into account the personal preferences of every family member.



 Seine-et-Marne department
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 ALTER EGO Project Group
 ALTER EGO Project Group


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