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An Art Deco Home with the Amalgamation of East and West


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Tianjin Yunzhu show flats are located in Tianjin, China. Tianjin was the most important commercial port in northern China after the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many western business people came to Tianjin, where western culture collided and blended with eastern culture. Art Deco, which originated in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century and flourished in Hollywood, has been popular for nearly a hundred years. Art Deco is full of the spirit of pioneering innovation and embracing the future and has a deep connection with the history and culture of Tianjin. Art Deco buildings constitute the imagination and memory of this northern metropolis for generations of Chinese people. Inspired by the culture and history of Tianjin, the Yuan-Art team continues the Art Deco spirit with an eclectic lifestyle. The design team combines oriental taste with modern avant-garde, classical symmetry, and modern simplicity in this project. While paying tribute to the past, it also explores the future. Yuan-Art's team improved the central axis treatment method of traditional decorative arts, leading from the kitchen, dining room, and living room to the balcony with an invisible axis, showing a relaxed and orderly space rhythm. The symmetrically placed tables and chairs in the restaurant reflect the ritual sense of life. The dark marble is the protagonist in the form of the dining table, and the orange velvet seats and the black dining table form a strong contrast in color and material. The chandelier above the dining table is composed of irregular metal shapes, which are geometrically and mechanically beautiful. The images of women made of simple lines on the walls are inspired by Cubist paintings, creating the artistic and luxury fashion feelings of the space. The white marble coffee table in the living room and the carpet with Chinese ink painting patterns represent the restraint and subtlety of oriental art. The intense color collision between the blue sofa and the bronze painting adds a modern accent to the subtle and restrained oriental art. Calming shades of coffee and grey dominate the master bedroom. Metal, wood, leather, velvet, and mirror surfaces are mixed and matched to create a harmonious sense of the depth of field. The children's room is spread out in light blue, echoing the sofa of the same color in the living room. The design team used orange and yellow to embellish the gray wall, giraffe, bear, zebra dolls, and cute deer seats, creating a fun-like being in an animal paradise, attracting children's endless curiosity and unlimited imagination. The sharp color contrast not only gives the space a complete sense of ritual but also creates the space aesthetics full of life and artistic philosophy. Yuan-Art team hopes to weave the classics of time into it, creating a residence that eclects Eastern and Western cultures and blends ancient and modern.


 143 mq
 Beijing Yuan Sheng Mei Qi Du Art Design Co,. Ltd.


Yuan-Art is an chinese interior design company, specializes in offering a variety of design styles, which can not only maximize the customer's functional requirements but also penetrate the original elegant and noble taste of the design concept into every design. Over the recent decade, it has furniture production bases in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. Yuan-Art has been widely praised by the design industry and its customers for its professional ethics and excellent service. Here, your every design requirement will be respected!



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