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Siamese Twin, a project with rustic textures inspirated from an agricultural landscape


Housing  /  Future

In North Ekkamai, a medium-density residential area of Bangkok, the project locates in a young and vibrant mixed-use neighborhood with lush greenery. Developer aims to propose a new collective housing standard as an alternative to suburban house offering an opportunity to live in the city. To integrate collective housing program with tropical climate and the neighborhood environment, we assembled the project with ideas inspired from nature in multiple levels through four strategies: Siamese twins, Breathable façade, Green hybrid and Haptic material. We arrange programs between collective and private with the idea of Siamese twins. As we duplicate the residential volume into two identical masses which allow better ventilation, reduce density and provide more privacy. The project comprises of 90 residential units with 4 typologies and 15 rooms sizes. In each floor, eight out of fourteen are corner units. The corner units have been carefully planned to achieve the most benefit from this location. On the ground floor, each duplex unit has a private garden emphasizing the quality of living at home. The separate masses conjoin at ground floor and top floor, where public facilities are shared: large living room, co-working space, kids’ area, fitness and roof garden. The building becomes a vertical village loop containing collective lives within. In response to tropical climate of Bangkok, we proposed a breathable facade with operable windows and terraces to allow inhabitant to enjoy natural light and ventilation at will. We utilized a random grid pattern of triangle profile louver to wrap over the building to create privacy and improve a thermal property to the facade. The louver profile inspired from vernacular roof, works as a shading device for tropical sun light and rain. The air gap becomes an insulation that prevents direct sun light and ventilates heat radiation at the same time provides space for service functions. With an inspiration from an agricultural landscape, we propose the garden as a hybrid ecological system comprise of a collage of hardscape and softscape patches. We research and select collections of native plants not only for their visual aesthetic but also for thermal comfort function as to cool down and filtrate urban polluted air. The substrate layer of green roof system also works as an insulation preventing heat getting through the roof. An irrigation system is provided by rainwater collected in an underground tank, which also helps to store surface water in rainy season relieving flood problems. Distinguishing itself from current real estate development in Thailand, the project aims to promote a different idea of luxury by introducing rustic textures and the natural characteristics of materials arousing the sense of touch. Warm tone walnut wood and natural grey stone surfaces have been carefully selected for their textures and shades to establish a primitive sense of Home. The space will be a living canvas waiting for further interpretations by its inhabitants.


 8827 mq
 Methus Srisuchart,Chakkarat Wongthirawat,Yosita Paraphitak,Parima Imsanguan,Wanchai Samabenja,Martina Muratori
 Ginggal Metchanun,Chatchawan Chomchuen,Tinakakorn Wongou
 Powerline Engineering Public Company Limited
 Equitone, Mitsubishi Electric
 Rendering DOF


MAGLA, founded in 2011 by Methus Srisuchart (Architect) and Ginggal Metchanun (Landscape Architect), is a collaborative platform of multidisciplinary individuals. We operate as a creative laboratory combining scientific methodology with aesthetic and craftmanship. We work both independently and collaboratively on various project types and scales with the ultimate optimism that projects will bring a benefit for both humanity and environment to coexist.

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