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A green rooftop opens towards the skyline of the city of Lecco

Tecnostudio S.r.l. - Arch. Arianna Gobbo

Housing  /  Future
Tecnostudio S.r.l. - Arch. Arianna Gobbo

This project is under construction and is perfectly integrated with the context: the project idea wants to define an urban redesign of a central area of the city of Lecco, with the construction of five new buildings with services and parking. The build units in the project are generated by the existing strategic road axes: one is parallel to via Belfiore and is developed on a floor above ground, destined to a commercial activity; the other ones are developed over six floors above ground and have a residential use. The buildings are placed in order to create discontinuous and irregular facades and the different rotation of residential buildings allows wide perspectival glimpses between one body and another, thanks to steep terrain too. All external areas are completely walkable and are intended for public and private green spaces and square with pedestrian accessibility from all three perimetral streets. The accessibility is guaranteed by stairs, ramps and lifts, in order to have the maximum usability. The preparation for the project is based on contemporary architectural and material choices, but at the same time respectful of tradition, with the use of stone, wood and glass. The inclusion of greenery and vegetation is the element that guided the design of the buildings and the outdoor areas. Green becomes the furniture and the functional element both the buildings and the pedestrian paths, in order to become available in the public areas and in private residences. The choice of appropriate types of vegetation allows to obtain variations of coloring due to seasonality which give a continuously changing architectural image. Green is used not only for the outdoor areas but also vertically, in the generous terraces of the apartments. Even the flat roof is partially arranged as a terrace and becomes a panoramic “living room” with flower tanks with colorful plantings. Vegetation is used for its contribution of many healthy effects for the people who live there and for the surrounding urban space: the microclimate produces humidity, filters particulates, reduces noise pollution, purifies the air by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and emitting oxygen, protects from solar radiation through leaf’s shading and shelters from wind through the windbreaking action of the fronds. The local stone of Grè, used for the external claddings, is a rock with a typical warm grey color and it is employed for finishes and decorations in many architectural works, thanks to his characteristic texture that makes it look like a sort of a natural Italian-style “terrazzo floor”. It is a not-freezing stone, resistant to acids and salt; differently from the other rocks, it doesn’t split apart, but becomes stronger with time. It is a stone that has been and is used a lot in the ornamental Lombard architecture. The sunshades are an architectural element designed to protect building facades and interior areas from sun radiations, with the aim to reduce overheating. In the project they are used as an innovative system to protect against solar radiation, introspection and as an architectural element that characterizes the facades. The sunshades are a synthesis of functionality and design, and the frames have a bronze finish: they are in aluminum with wood appearance. The wooden false ceilings of the terraces make the outdoor space warm. Wood is specifically treated to withstand all weather conditions, even the most extreme. This treatment makes the system more durable over time, eliminating the need of maintenance works. Good absorption reduces overall noisiness and reverb acoustic diffusion. The system of terraces provides each apartment with a generously sized outdoor living area. The internal comfort of the apartments is guaranteed by the use of high-performance materials, with particular attention to the construction of the masonry and roofing packages. The windows are equipped with thermal break insulated glass and are completed with a obscuring system of aluminum sunshades. All the systems necessary for air exchange and air conditioning meet the basic requirements related to energy saving, sustainability and the use of renewable sources. The roof is integrated with a solar system with photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity.


 PROGETTO 2018 S.r.l.
 14000 mq
 Arch. Arianna Gobbo
 Arch. Danilo Turato, Arch. Diego Zanaica, Arch. Mattia Reggio
 Costruzioni Edili SANGIORGIO S.r.l.
 RLS - Rebediani Scaccabarozzi Landscapes; TECMA SOLUTIONS S.P.A.


Tecnostudio S.r.l. is an engineering and architecture office; since 1978 it operates in Mestrino Padova following the Europeans’ standards. It is directed by Arch. Diego Zanaica and Arch. Arianna Gobbo, and it is composed by a rich technical staff.

The activities cover a wide range of fields, and are constantly evolving:
• Commercial / Directional / Housing: Countless buildings, including a shopping mall of 90.000m2 and a 16 floors resort hotel of 200 rooms;
• Residential: High-energy standards building, built with eco-friendly materials and green building;
• Production: innovative buildings for the advanced solutions of construction solutions and finishing;
• Public Works: several dozen works between school and university buildings, civic centres, multi-purpose rooms, outpatient clinics;
• Infrastructure / Planning / Environment: urban improvement action, implementing masterplan, environmental impact study, redevelopment projects and mitigation of green infrastructure.


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