dos G arquitectos - Clayton Heights Townhouses, looking for the sound of Panama Canal
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Clayton Heights Townhouses, looking for the sound of Panama Canal

dos G arquitectos

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dos G arquitectos

GENIUS LOCI The project plot, near the Panama Canal, is located in the former military base of Fort Clayton that is a "Garden City" and is adjacent to a protected tropical rainforest and typical military residences. ​ ARCHITECTURE The four townhouses, object of the design intervention, are a contemporary reinterpretation of the typology of existing houses in the area, a former military base of the United States. ​ At a compositional level, the main idea of ​​design has been to break the conventional scheme of townhouses composed of "solid blocks" arranged vertically and replace it with an atypical scheme, where the "solid block" is arranged horizontally, almost suspended in the second level (the night area) since the first level is completely made of glass and the ground floor is open. To this solid, pure volume, openings have been made, highlighted by the use of cantilevered frames made with a voluntarily dark color, in contrast to the white façade. ​ INTERIOR DESIGN The relationship between interior and exterior has been a fundamental element in the design. The houses are developed in four levels. On the ground floor, the parking lots and a service area, on the first level, the living room and the kitchen that, through a retractable sliding system, opens onto the rear garden eliminating the division between interior and exterior. On the second level the night area, composed of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The composition is completed by a living rooftop, which is accessed by a sliding skylight, equipped with a six-person hot tub, barbecue area and solarium, as well as enough space for an outdoor room. ​ ​ SUSTAINABILITY In the design stage, particular attention has been paid to energy efficiency. The genius loci has inspired us to design these houses based on the basic principles of bioclimatic architecture. Elements that could appear to be compositional, such as the cantilevered volumes, the projecting frames of the windows and the louvers, have been thought to have a function that is not only aesthetic but rather thermal. These elements, combined with others such as natural ventilation, the collection of rainwater and its use for the irrigation and flushing system of the toilets, the choice of aluminum windows with thermal cut section and double glass with gas chamber argon, high efficiency air conditioning systems (VFR), guarantee maximum comfort and contribute to reduce the energy requirement and make this set of buildings a project that respects the environment and its context. In the same respect for the environment, a bolted steel structure has been designed instead of the conventional system of fixation with electrostatic welding, thus allowing, in the future and in case of demolition of the buildings, their total reuse. ​ The sum of these parameters guarantee maximum comfort, contribute to considerably reducing the energy requirement and therefore make this project respectful of the environment and its context.


 1600 mq
 dos G arquitectos
 arch. Ginnette Gotti Carvajal, Arch. Ivan Grippaldi


dos G arquitectos was established in 2010 in Panama by Ginnette Gotti and Ivan Grippaldi. It is active in architecture, interior design and industrial design. The different professional training and cultural background of the two co-founder architects find their balance on each project that through the "contamination" that could be cultural, formal, style, etc. is enriched with an added value.
Our practice is a space to understand architecture as an articulating, critical, collaborative, inclusive and transversal discipline that is inserted in the social sphere to be experienced by humans. People, contexts and scales articulate our projects in order to generate sensations, provoke, communicate and think. We design and develop projects at different scales, ranging from the object to the housing unit to the urban scale and this gives us the opportunity to face each one with greater sensitivity and empathy. We are currently working on urban planning, architecture & interiors projects.

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