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NEVERLAND, designed by the mountain wind

Matrix Design

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Matrix Design

The project is located in Yuxi, Yunnan. It is near Fuxian Lake with clear water, backed by mountains and forests and with abundant sunshine all year round in an annual average temperature of about 17°C. It is a veritable recreational resort. Surrounded by forests, the lake is rippling with the mountain wind, watching the sunset and stargazing at night. Considering design in such an excellent place, the loading of the building, how to make it completely melt into the nature without falling into the ground, leaving no trace? It is very close and interlocking linkage from the building, the landscape to the interior space. Responding to the natural environment and satisfying the function of the building are the theoretical basis before the design. The dialogue between architecture and nature in Fuxian Lake in Kunming has become very meaningful due to the intervention of the beautiful mountains and wilds. Only when people truly respect and understand the spirit of the site, can we achieve the right match in the design without any violation on harmony. When walking along the winding mountainside road, you will be surprised by its structure when you find this huge circular building flush with the ground among the lush green trees. Naturally it spreads out, and it is inevitable that people will be surprised and wonder this is a building in a natural paradise, or a natural paradise in the architectural world. Describing the form with the scene and expressing the emotion with the form are the important core points that we want to present. In order to achieve these two core points, we fully consider the linkage relationship between inside and outside the space. Relying on the mountain, the building stands on the hillside of the forest. When the water is flat, it looks like a flowing blue crystal in the surrounding landscape. From top to bottom, from outside to inside, the natural connection is not separated by the existence of architecture, but can be truly adapted to local conditions. We tried to use the blank processing method to achieve the interaction of multiple relationships, the mutual reflection of stone and wood, the integration of design and art, and finally the abundant sunshine in Kunming was used to restore the most authentic scenes of nature. As Kunming's precious natural wealth, sunlight still has a huge space for development in the border with the design. Whether it is direct sunlight, a long and narrow corridor of light and shadow, or mottled light and shadow projection, it forms the most exploratory combination of light and shadow in various bright and warm, strong and brilliant ways. Open the door to see the mountain, open the window to enjoy the scenery, and completely incorporate the vastness and panoramic view of the pitching world into the room. You can see the mountains and the water of Fuxian Lake from any angle. The monolithic block structure leaves precise gaps to allow the space to maintain the division of upper and lower exchanges and surrounding circulation, thus forming a vertical and horizontal fusion, adding another layer of light bearing space to the sense of fullness.


 3000 mq
 Wang Guan, Liu Jianhui, Wang Zhaobao
 Matrix Design
 Shi Xiang Wan He


Founded in 2010, Matrix Design is dedicated to providing high-end design services. Leading designers of our team all boast many years of experience in serving renowned domestic property developers, and have established a long-term stable partnership of mutual trust and common development with clients. There is a Chinese old saying, "Nothing can be accomplished excellently without norms or standards". Matrix Design takes it as the core concept of the company. Every Matrix Design staff matters. The company exists and develops because all of our staff have a common mission: "Let design return to the East". There are two meanings of our mission: carrying forward design works of oriental-style, which is what we want to do and good at; and improving the visibility of Chinese designs across the world. Matrix Design is young, and we see China as a large market with great vitality and potential.

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