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Mountains draw undulating roofs: Nanxun cultural & creative industry park


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Nanxun Ancient Town was born near the water and is famous of its silk production. It is a window of history and culture in Zhejiang Province and a famous town in the south of the Yangtze River with extremely developed tourism. The project is situated on the east side of Nanxun Ancient Town, with Ditang Ancient Canal on the north side. With the culture of Nanxun Ancient Town as the core, the project expects to build a cultural and creative industry park integrating cultural experience, leisure and entertainment, creative product incubation and artistic creation. The design follows the vertical layout of the site, with the main entrance and exit facing the tourist service center of the ancient town. The secondary entrance is arranged on the south side to attract tourists from cities. On the north side, facing the silk wharf, there is an outdoor landscape platform that is gradually upgraded. The green plants are paved on the top and the water is stored in the pool, so as to have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of the pond. The building complex mainly has two floors, and the roof of large building volume is re-divided. Arc-shaped attached structures on facades visually reduce the height, enabling the building complex to be fused into the original fabrics of Nanxun Ancient Town in a low-key manner. Most interior spaces are open and commodious, with the aim of fulfilling various functional demands. The sunken inner courtyard, as a crucial spatial node on the site, can be dynamic or quiet, open or private, naturally attracting the flow of people and providing more possibilities for architectural functions. The project hopes to inherit and continue the cultural context of Jiangnan regional (southern China) architecture through modern design methods. The design does not adopt conventional neo-Chinese architectural symbols like large sloped roof, white wall or lattice-patterned window, but strives to express Chinese-style architectural aesthetics in an abstract and artistic way. Undulating roofs and arc-shaped attached structures on facades draw inspiration from intoxicating mountains and rivers in Jiangnan region, while also taking cues from multiple eaves and overlapping tiles of local residences as well as the ancient town’s well-known silk. Glazed glass is randomly organized to create a poetic atmosphere unique to Jiangnan region which is covered by romantic mist and drizzle. Vertical grilles on facades respond to wooden structures of local residences. Open pool and green slope are like a small garden, offering tourists a comfortable resting space. Landscaped pool can be drained as required to serve as a stage. Gradually raised ramp becomes a natural auditorium, available for a variety of performances.


 Huzhou Nanxun Township Construction Development Co., Ltd.
 8600 mq
 Qian Xidong
 Wang Yichuan, Cheng Haoran


The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University Co., Ltd. (UAD) was established in 1953. Formerly known as Zhejiang University Architectural Design Studio, it is one of the earliest First Class Design Institutes among major national universities.
The mission of UAD is to seek “harmonious environment, global vision, design-teaching-research integration and innovation, and the highest professionalism”. UAD adopts the development strategy of “high-grade culture, broad vision, high-efficiency management, high-caliber talents, high professional technologies and high-quality works”, with the academic theory of“Balanced Architecture”as the design guideline. During the past decades, UAD has always persisted in creating fine and innovative works, contributing a large number of outstanding works in various fields. Over the years, it has won more than 1500 awards for outstanding designs, excellent projects or research outcomes at national, ministerial and provincial levels.


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