Sardellini Marasca Architetti - A translucent volume that becomes a bus station for local public transport
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A translucent volume that becomes a bus station for local public transport

Sardellini Marasca Architetti

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Sardellini Marasca Architetti
The project is a bus station for local public transport and an exchange car park serving the facing railway station of Ancona, the capital of the Marche on the Adriatic Sea.
The winning proposal, right from the competition, was not to build a new multi-storey car park upstream but to build a level car park in the same position and connect the passenger building directly to the embankment with a new deck. In this way, a direct and flat pedestrian connection is ensured to the travelers building and from here to the station opposite, via a new internal stair / lift block. The new deck also acts as a large shelter for the bus station below and generates great savings for the future connection with the railway station in front, reachable via a pedestrian walkway to cross the state road to the railway station.
The building of the travelers' building appears as a translucent monolithic volume resting on a stone base and excavated inside. The façade cladding is made of large translucent glass sheets with a shaded tone that envelop the building to cover the last level, masking the uncovered car park on the roof. The general image evokes a large lantern resting on a solid stone base as if to signal the true entrance to the city from the North and the symbol of the re-appropriation of a place considered abandoned.
The ground floor of the building houses the bus station services including a room for TPL staff, a public establishment to be used as a bar and toilets. However, the main space is the central one of the waiting room / info point / ticket office that crosses the double-height space of the building, also lit naturally by a large skylight on the roof. The first floor houses rooms available to the bus station that are easily adaptable to offices. The bus handling yards include 9 stalls for a total of approximately 3,870 square meters. The upstream parking area is connected to the Via Flaminia via a two-lane ramp for traveling in both directions. The building is characterized by a base in brushed bronze Trani. The upper cladding of the entire building is provided with a modular cladding (90 cm pitch) in structural glass curtain walls. From the very beginning of the design, the bus station building was imagined as a translucent volume. In order to achieve this effect, both externally and internally, as well as a color rendering tending towards light bronze, an advanced system of digital printing on glass with ceramic inks was adopted.


 Comune di Ancona
 3870 mq
 Sardellini Marasca Architetti
 Anita Sardellini, Giorgio Marasca, Andrea Marasca
 Consorzio Rennova
 Sardellini Marasca Architetti


Sardellini Marasca Architetti is an architectural firm based in Ancona, led by Anita Sardellini (founder), Andrea Marasca and Giorgio Marasca. Professionalism, experience, a deep bond with the territory and various awards acquired over the years: founded in 1970, the firm is a point of reference in the architecture and interior design sector.
Always engaged in the pursuit of quality in architecture, the firm develops the design by engaging in giving shape and space to the client's expectations, ensuring the management and control of the overall cost of the work for both private and public works. Ours is an easily understandable architecture that, through careful synergy with the context, enhances and transforms it by creating new identities between built and nature. Simple, rigorous, silent buildings with pure shapes make the firm a point of reference for contemporary architecture in central Italy.


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