Martin Zitto - eyrise® Cubical, a polygonal wood sculpture with a smart glass
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eyrise® Cubical, a polygonal wood sculpture with a smart glass

Martin Zitto

Special Projects  /  Completed
Martin Zitto
For the product launch of the innovative liquid crystal glass eyrise® i350 invisible privacy glazing, 3deluxe was commissioned to devise a spatial structure for the Merck corporation’s Innovation center in Darmstadt that presented the benefits of the entire product range. The outcome was an open polygonal wooden sculpture consisting of two modules that engage excitingly with each other to create an impressive space – the eyrise® Cubicle. It stands like a sculptural object in the Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt, resembling a piece cut out of a section of ultra-modern wooden architecture.
Viewed from the outside, the cubicles form a complex media installation allowing viewers manifold insights and ideas while looking through the glass into the heart of the installation. There, a contemplative space arises, one which brings nature indoors, creating space for both communication and a retreat for undisturbed work.
This complex use of media gives rise to a dialogue between the two halves of the space. The emphatic all-over projections and background sound impressively conveys the fascinating way the panes of eyrise® glass can be media-driven
eyrise® launches dynamic privacy glazing: instant privacy glass for secure working and social interaction: eyrise® has launched instant privacy glass for public and commercial venues to provide secure working and social environments that maximize natural daylight.
Offering a new approach for interior space planning and design, the fully transparent dynamic liquid crystal glass partitions can be switched on demand to create a private space.
Glass partitioning offers multiple functions for open plan spaces - from private meeting rooms in offices and consultation areas in hospitals to VIP zones in retail stores, and as space dividers in conference centers and airports. The glass can also transform into on-demand screens for sharing information or presentations.
Powered by proprietary Licrivision technology, a transparent solution of liquid crystal is placed between two glass sheets coated with a transparent conductive film. The glass is unique in the smart glazing market for being ultra-transparent from all angles in its clear state.
When prompted by low voltage, the direction of the liquid crystals shifts and moves from a random position to a well-organized orientation in a second. By scattering the light, the glass provides complete privacy, while allowing daylight to flow into the space.


 Merck Group, Darmstadt, Germany
 25 mq
 3deluxe, Wiesbaden, Germany
 Björn Asmussen, Joaquim Busch
 Artlife, Hofheim, Germany
 eyrise B.V., Veldhoven, The Netherlands; Sinus Eventtechnik, Moerfelden-Walldorf, Germany
 © 3deluxe


“Combining technology and human-focused design, Eyrise i350 invisible privacy glazing creates a naturally bright and flexible environment for the way we live and work now.”

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