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"Visible" and "invisible" green, Shanghai Zhangjiang Landsea Centre

HATCH Architects

Renovation  /  Completed
HATCH Architects

The project is located in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, known as the “Silicon Valley of China” and the core area of China’s chip design and manufacturing. The original Jiali Building was an electronic component factory built in the 1990s. The U-shaped building has an unmatched outward view for two arterial roads and an inward-facing courtyard. However, it is now unable to meet the modern aesthetic and functional requirements.

Façade Upgrading According to Local Conditions

The target tenants of the renovated building are mostly from technology and finance-oriented companies. Our design focused on giving the old façade a sense of future.

We form the design concept of “chip & pixel”. For interior and exterior facades, modest and orderly window walls are designed, with gray-white wall matched with dark metal window frames. While inheriting the local context of the original plant, the renovation also reflects our thinking on adjusting measures to local conditions: the window to wall ratio is modified slightly, thereby the cost and construction period can be controlled and the safety in use can be ensured.

Consistent but not identical lobbies
Moreover, we customize the designs for the two existing lobbies, making them consistent but not identical in style. The originally dim and cramped street-facing lobby is the top priority of the renovation.

The first and second floors will be broken through to form a double-height lobby with double curtain walls. For the lobby facing the inner courtyard, while the overall style is maintained, brisk colors will be added to demonstrate the vitality and aesthetic preferences of young people.

Blur the boundary between work and leisure

The younger generation yearns for a flexible, comfortable, creative office space and does not want to be trapped at a desk or in a cubicle. In response to their demand, we blur the boundary between work and leisure through a richly layered design: adding green plants, flexible workstations, shared areas and green technology...

We also extended the office space to the outdoors and set “Casual Meet-up Points” in the inner courtyard garden. One can enjoy the view of the resort-level courtyard while working; and to breathe fresh air, just one step is needed.

05. Intelligent landscape: "visible" and "invisible" green

We aim at creating a garden-style office space based on the “Office + Resort” concept. By transforming the inner courtyard that used to be a temporary parking lot into a central garden, we integrate green landscape with architectural construction. The landscape extends vertically from the garden, and flower troughs are on the inner facade, which attract people to look upward.

Besides the pleasant green landscape, green technologies are also used. large screens and probes, indoor air quality is under real-time monitoring; with the Finnish S1 formaldehyde pollutant control system and the efficient haze removal fresh air system, breathing is freer; and with optimized building exterior protection configuration, shading design and HVAC system, the building is more energy-efficient. Adhering to the WELL Standard™, we build the project with green materials so that the building has humanized office space.


 HATCH Architects
 Yu Gong, Xiawen Zhou, Jiawen Xu, Danjun Shao, Xuancheng Fang, Erqiang Dai, Danwen Shi, Zishuo Wu
 Shanghai Building Decoration Engineering Group Co., Ltd
 Structural Consultant: Infinity Junction Design;MEP Consultant: East Aisa Shanghai China;Landscape Consultant: EGS Design & Architects;Lighting Consultant: Misaidesign
 Qingyan Zhu, Runzi Zhu, HATCH Architects


HATCH Architects is an innovation-driven architecture + interior design company. HATCH is headquartered in London, and its Asia-Pacific headquarters is in Shanghai. We bring together imaginative designers and local experienced experts from around the world to jointly generate creative and practical design solutions. In the era of globalization, the mission of HATCH is to empower work and life with creative design, and create spaces with continuous happiness. HATCH has rich design experience and talent resources in the fields of International Education, R&D Office, Hospitality, and Medical & Healthcare Architecture design. We customize our design team for each project, and create sustainable design works based on a full understanding of the local environment and culture.

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