Diverserighestudio - g-factor aims to train business culture in all sectors to create new entrepreneurship
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g-factor aims to train business culture in all sectors to create new entrepreneurship


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g- factor
incubatore acceleratore di Fondazione Golinelli

Fondazione Golinelli is a private foundation that fosters the responsible cultural growth of citizens in all fields of knowledge. One of the most important aims is to provide young people the orientation and tools required for an innovative and competitive way in an increasingly globalized, complex, multicultural and unpredictable world.

The project was developed in close relation to the nearby Opificio Golinelli: different and complementary, flexible and introverted the new one, adaptable and extroverted the existing one, they generate a city in continuous growth where it is possible to carry out a free experimentation without prejudice. Consistently with the urban regeneration process begun with Opificio Golinelli, the intervention provides for the rebuilding in shape of the existing volume: the typical industrial profile characterized by north-facing sheds is maintained. The photovoltaic that feeds the heat pump systems is placed in the southern slopes. The goal of a NZEB building was achieved thanks to the suitable construction systems, the use of solar control on all openings and the careful integration with technological systems.
g-factor aims to train business culture in all sectors, through the design and provision of services aimed at creating new entrepreneurship with a high innovative, scientific and technological content. It was imagined as a highly adaptable volume that could be rethought from time to time to make room for new entrepreneurial activities. This is why it was essential to enhance the void by equipping it with technological supports and furnishing devices to get each time a new configuration. The interior space is composed of a large "connecting greenhouse", a mobility infrastructure, from which four adaptable working clusters are reached, two of them based on the ground floor and the other two on the first floor: the clusters have been designed according to a structural and systematic point of view in order to be divided into individual production slots through a system of mobile partitions of furniture to guarantee the maximum flexibility to the development and adaptability needs of the hosted companies. Special attention was paid to the themes of natural light and colors, which stimulate people's creativity and help reduce learning and production times.

This architecture is a metaphor for a complex city that wants to test the design of forms over time, overcoming the strengthened modern idea of a finished and non-modifiable place in favor of the ability to adapt to a continuously changing space.


 Fondazione Golinelli
 4000 mq
 Simone Gheduzzi, Nicola Rimondi, Gabriele Sorichetti
 Margherita Gavazzi, Francesco De Leo, Francesco Presutti, Elisa Perego, Natalia Trifilò
 Termal Green Building
 Structures: Lanfranco Laghi. Mechanical and Electrical: studio Zambonini, studio Ciani. Environment: studio Airis. Cost control: studio BG. Fire prevention: Luca Tognetti.
 Polycarbonate: Dott. Gallina. Vinyl floorsi: Liuni. Steel fixtures: Secco. Micro-perforated plasterboard: Knauf.
 Giovanni Bortolani


diverserighestudio conducts multidisciplinary research, giving form to the encounter of types of knowledge and creating an ongoing dialogue between theory and practice; composition is conceived as a dynamic relationship between theme and program, concentrating on aspects connected with the metaphor of composition. The goal is the creation of a relational aesthetic. Empathetic.
They exposed their work at the Italian Pavillion at London Festival of Architecture, at Shanghai Expo, at the XII, XV and XVI International Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale.
Some of their most important awards are the Sustainable Architecture International Prize 2007, the Tiles of Italy Prize 2014, the Urbanistica Prize 2015, the Special Mention at the A+ Award 2016, the Honourable Mention at the Plan Award 2016, 2018 and 2019, the nomination at the Mies Van Der Rohe Award 2017, the AESS Sustainable Architecture Prize 2019, The Luigi Zordan Prize 2019.


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