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Faeda Headquarter, a new block to redefine its identity

3ndy Studio

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3ndy Studio
Faeda is a company in the tanning industry, worldwide leader for leather production which - thanks to the creativity, the ability to turn the raw material and the professional experience gained over the years - today proud to boast collaborations with the major brand in the fashion field.

During 2017 the company announces a competition for the project of the new headquarters: innovative, based on sustainability, pro-environment and careful to the well-being of employees.

The project, won by the 3ndyStudio team, involved the removal of the Northwest corner of the existing production building, to create a new surface intended to host the executive and administrative offices.

The outside west wall’s movement has created a new block, separate and independent, that increase the soundproofing and generate a more comfortable work place surrounded by greenery, thanks to the installation of a vertical garden.
A further green area is near the main entrance, to emphasize the feeling of working surrounded by greenery.
To facilitate the panoramic view’s effect and the visual depth, it has been decided to make all the walls, internal and external, with glass.
A suspended bridge in the first floor, glazed as well, connects the new building with the adjacent production site.
To protect the external wide windows, a shading shuttering system with metallic elements has been studied, which develop full-height by wrapping the building and protecting it by the sunlight keeping the visual permeability on the surrounding environment. The shading wall design finds inspiration by the leather, material of which the company is worldwide leader.

The building has four floors, three of them above ground:

- In the basement, for the production field’s employees, have been placed the locker rooms.

- In the ground floor, near the main entrance, have been place the hall with the reception, connected with many boardrooms to welcome the clients.

-The upper floors, intended for executive and administrative offices, are characterized by a garden in the mezzanine floor and a break area in the first floor

-The triple height stairs, used to connect all the floors, are near the hall and they create a big visual impact thanks to the structural element in the middle of the stairs, that is inspired by a leather band.

The project features the collaboration with the Italian artist and sculptor Giorgio Milano, with which 3ndy Studio already worked in the past years for important creations.
The artist, become famous especially for his “Poetari”, assemblages of typeface with wood or stone, has taken care of the entrance hall with his works.


 Montorso Vicentino VICENZA
 Faeda S.p.A
 2000 mq
 Marco Mazzetto Alessandro Lazzari Massimiliano Martignon
 3ndy Studio
 Estel, Nero Sicilia, Steel Group, Arper, Bandalux
 FG + SG Architectural Photography


Marco Mazzetto (1973) and Alessandro Lazzari (1972), right after achieving their master’s degree at the University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV), established in 2002 the 3ndy Studio in the province of Venice. Since the start, the activity of the Studio has been interested in planning, researching and implementing architectural projects involving different levels of design: from the objects up to the buildings and the urban planning.
The Studio also competes in national and international planning contests, obtaining various mentions and awards. Nowadays 3ndy Studio is a consolidate reality, which proudly boasts several successful works in Italy, and which represents a meeting point for skills and personalities.
Since 2011 the Studio has been working also abroad, in Qatar, in Djibouti, and in the UAE, in important collaborations for the realization of interior design projects in major facilities for both residential and commercial & business purposes.

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