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Joy Breeze Exhibition Center, a new life experience zone

JSD Design

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JSD Design
Committing to comprehensively enhance the business, leisure, social and business experience in the region, adhering to the design concept of ecology, health and smart, a one-stop commercial exhibition hall with multi category, multi demand and multi experience is built for the whole area, which will become a new life experience zone in the southern part of the city and inject new power for the urban life.
The designer optimizes the inherent space of the building, uses the steps design to realize the mixture of high and low, and forms a new spatial relationship. At the same time, the transformation of each different space is targeted. The perfect combination of master art and exhibition hall, makes each space play different roles, meanwhile, the visual art is kept consistent, but the space is diverse and rich. It can be not only a bookstore, but also a coffee shop in the afternoon. It can be either a new product launch site or popular punch-in location. In this space, there is not only a dynamic trend experience, but also a leisure artistic enjoyment.
The customers of this project are commercial, so there may be dozens of people or even more to be received at the same time. Therefore, it is very important to make an orderly diversion. The designers want to make the project interesting and challenging at the beginning of the moving line, and highlight the entrance. In the reconstruction of the building, the huge inclined block is used as the entrance shape, and the transparent design is adopted, which not only innovates but also realizes the guiding function.
The structure of the building itself, and the broken line, straight line, and curve forms extracted from nature are evolved and applied to the space. Through the ingenious use of natural light, a rich level of indoor space is built. The elements of mountains, trees and flowing water run through the whole space. The reception desk is in the shape of flowing water, carving the white stone into a special shape. The terrazzo background in the rear is just like the gravel of the riverbed, and the plants in the air are hanging from the trees. The irregular black mirror and screen layout are decorated on the wall. The seemingly mediocre mirror can reflect different forms and shapes, bringing flexible light and shadow to the space. On the other side, there is the huge sky eye, with a hazy moonlight shining on the water, silver light shimmering.
The urban exhibition hall is built from two dimensions, one is the output of regional value, the other is the release of brand content. Light, shadow, shape and color are all used in the exhibition hall cleverly. The white wall forms comparison with the product display part so as to highlight the brand introduction.
All kinds of activities and cultural salons can be held in the multimedia interactive area, with large screens on the wall. Also it can be a venue for business negotiations. The lifting sand table under the overhanging area can clearly show the internal structure of the building. The display cabinet extends from the ground floor to the sky, from the first floor to the second floor, enriching the visual experience of the space and arousing the infinite conjecture of the space on the second floor. Ladder library combines with ecological art to create a multiple compound space of interaction, sharing and growth.
The huge water ripple stainless steel shape on the top of the drink bar reinforces the sparkling flowing water impression. Starbucks selection also joins. Visitors can order a cup of warm coffee or a baked snack. Rest in the sofa area, feel the sunshine and enjoy the quiet time. Enable the drink bar no longer a single service function, but make it a multi-functional place for communication.
VIP room breaks the impression of traditional negotiation room, and is replaced by a more practical small meeting room, where you can think and make a brainstorm. According to the space characteristics, the toilet adopts the shared washing table usually used in commerce, and the basins are designed on both sides.


 Joy City Real Estate
 560 mq
 Jian Xu
 Aimee Zheng, Haoming Lv
 Jiangnan photography


JSD SPACE DESIGN is a professional design company dedicated to high-end apartments, residential buildings, model houses, sales offices, hotels, Hotel apartments, clubs, villas and other commercial spaces. The company is composed of excellent designers who have worked in overseas design companies for many years. It has rich design experience and solid foundation. With professional background, excellent design management and wise creativity, we can serve customers in all aspects. JSD is now participating in the projects of large developers such as Greenbelt, Zhongliang, Longhu, Vanke, Wanda, Huaxia Happiness, Capital Property, China Railway, Initiative, Shimao, Cosco, Langshi, Pearl and so on.

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