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Folding City reshapes the traditions, integrates the modernity and interprets life poetically

Tianjin TIANHUA Northern Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

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Tianjin TIANHUA Northern Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Project Origin
In the process of urbanization, with the disappearance of traditional streets and the fading of urban memory, neighborhood relations have changed from "acquaintance society" in the Lilong era to "stranger society" in the high-rise era. Our yearning for modern life is always mixed with the infinite memory of the city. The plot of streets and alleys originated from the old city and the Fifth Avenue is deeply rooted in the hearts of Tianjin people. The Zuo An Lan Ting project on the left bank pays homage to the city with its original intention, reshapes the traditional streets and alleys, integrates the modernity of life with the intimacy of the neighborhood, and interprets life poetically.

Planning Framework
"Street neighborhood space, the transition between home and city, the space container storing the city mark" - this is our definition of the overall planning level. According to the above, we propose the concept of "folding city", which integrates the privacy of modern life with the intimacy of traditional neighborhood by connecting parks, communities and cities. People's memories are transformed from modern high-rise buildings to traditional neighborhoods, and experience the time folding of modern life. What we create is a compound community center, not just a simple residence or business. We interpret the poetic nature of life with the spiritual connotation of street space. Through the pursuit of traditional street space, the pleasant scale of public space and street texture can be reappeared, the friendly neighborhood communication in the past can be restored, and a full-time social place with a sense of belonging can be created. Through the analysis of the site, following the neighborhood relationship of "acquaintance society" in the Lilong era, combining the traditional commercial streets with the modern living mode, the extraction and transfer of the architectural space prototype of the traditional streets is intended to form a friendly neighborhood living environment.

Sales Office Design
With the theme of life experience hall, the demonstration area creates a "commercial flagship store", which aims to deliver the supporting resources of high-quality commercial services of the project and the full interpretation of life in design. With strong publicity, full construction of indoor business atmosphere, and music fountain of landscape square science and technology interaction, the project has become popular.

Inspired by the traditional streets and alleys, the building takes "Fang" as the prototype, reshapes the street life, injects vitality into commerce and creates a new landmark of the city in this area through the topological interpretation of modern design language. In terms of material use, the exquisite architectural image is successfully created by using quartz brick, glass curtain, perforated aluminum plate, etc. with the help of light and shadow change and metal color.

Residential Design
From the perspective of cross-border design, starting from the innovative living concept of contemporary life, the project integrates high-quality hotel design techniques into the residential area, integrates architecture, landscape and interior, and creates a quiet and elegant boutique living experience. On the premise of respecting the site conditions, with the planning language of order, enclosure and founder, the landscape and architecture are perfectly integrated to form a quiet and pleasant space atmosphere. The purpose of this project is to create a modern and simple living experience with the integration of art and nature. It is to create a sense of homecoming with low-key luxury, a relaxed and comfortable corridor under the forest, a children's theme park for all ages, and a negotiation space for modern visitors. The residents are in the overall space We will fully feel the comfortable garden layout, relaxed space vision and exquisite detail experience.

The facade of the building adopts the modern minimalist style, pursues the design principle of "simplicity of Avenue and Seiko first", and creates a sense of high star hotel with simple volume and pure lines. The use of simple and strong horizontal lines with material color collision, produce a strong virtual real contrast, volume virtual, facade texture clear and bright, horizontal depth strong, local add perforated aluminum plate with floodlighting, enhance the visibility at night. The base is mainly made of stone and aluminum plate, which is light and heavy. The vertical and horizontal concave convex lines outline the texture, reflecting the noble quality of the building. The paper describes the details of the stone by dividing the seams, divides the geometric composition of the stone, abandons the tedious thread feet and components, and adopts modern architectural languages such as inclined plane, cutting angle, folded plate, slotting and inlaying.

Composite Business
Community commerce should not only exist as a simple bottom business or shopping mall, its greater intrinsic value comes from the response to daily life. From this point of view, the community business contains a huge Daily Narrative energy. The space carrier of residential, social and urban activities is reconstructed by composite design to upgrade from community business to community center

Integrate the richness of traditional streets into modern life, awaken the intimate neighborhood relationship in the era of lane, create a full-age social place, and inject vitality into business. Business to serve the community and close to the life of the complex format, to provide convenient living facilities for residents.


 153350 mq


Lead architect
Xu Qiang

Team A: Liu Lixiang, Zhao Xiaoming, Wang Yun, Li Yan,Jin Chunyang
Team B: Liu Jialong, Zuo Hongtao, Qu Zhen, Yang Gaochuan, Li Tianchang, Su Peizhi, Liu Yinuo, Zhang Shuo, Qu Wuchao, Liu Yangqing, Cao Xu

Design Team Introduction
Tianjin Tianhua Architecture Design was founded in 2014, and now there are about 180 architectural and technical professionals providing services including architectural design, urban design, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering consultation. Our projects covers such areas as residence, commercial, culture, office, complex, etc. The completed works are distributed in Tianjin, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Henan, Shandong, Xiamen, etc.

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