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Park Mansion Landscape Design, a modern interpretation of the old traditions


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Located in the ancient town of Luzhi in China, the landscape design of Park Mansion uses modern art design to reconstruct the style of the ancient town, turning the impression of the ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River into reality. On the basis of preserving the traditional culture, the design makes a modern interpretation of the old traditions, from the classical gardens with water management, mountain building, and forest planting to the modern landscape with water, mountains, and forests.
The geomorphic features of mountains, water, and forests are the origin of human life. Triangular geometric shapes are extracted from them, symbolizing vitality, and the pursuit of rational thinking, and connecting the past, present, and future. The deformation and combination of clean lines form the spatial order to bring nature to the site. Integrated with the overall building, the smooth geometric cutting penetrates into the whole design, highlighting the spirit and meaning of the brand.
The pines at the entrance create a scene experience as the painting. The scenery wall is like staggered screens, created by geometric cutting and lighting. Through the combination and collision of materials, the intersection of light and shadow, and the atmosphere of welcoming grass steps, it connects the past, present, and future in series. The overall color tone is mainly black and gray to set off the high level of green, beige is used as a soft transition, and the metal layering increases the texture. The architects interpret the artistic conception of traditional gardens as modern art, in which the urban boundary gradually disappears.
Looking through the round window of the Suzhou-style garden at the entrance, the inside and outside scenery is framed as a changing painting. Matched with the dotted pine trees, it coexists in harmony with the unmodified wall, stone, and falling water, presenting a picture full of interaction.
The triangular area is planted with red maple, which is the epitome of the mountain and water forest. The transition space creates a sense of Zen, in which people feel nature and tranquility. The sound of the water leads the way to the front field and the sales office. The flowing water slowly pours along the cracks of the stone, presenting a warm atmosphere and a simple texture. Take a break next to the lake, the landscape road resembles a floating island in the water. The landscape design expresses the emotions of the space through every detail, presenting an outstanding original mountain and forest.
The central waterscape serves as the main landscape outside the negotiation area. The main feature of this area is the two-meter flowing water scenery wall. The dark wall expands the spatial scale, with layers of water flowing slowly, and light and shadow flicker. The black stones become the gentle transition between the waterfall and the overlapping water scenery, adding a bit of tranquility to space. The other side of the waterscape is embellished with hackberry as the background landscape, forming the main skyline. The plant combines fast-growing and slow-growing tree species, evergreen, and color-leaf tree species increasing the interest of the space and creating a diversified multi-season landscape.
The architects respect the local cultural origin and take into account the lifestyles of modern people. Through landscape design, Park Mansion becomes an elegant residence that can soothe tiredness and comfort the soul in the hustle and bustle of the city. The residents can be close to nature to find the best pace of life. The landscape design explores and pursues the concept of space from the natural mountains and forests, continuing the modern regional cultural texture, and embodying the lifestyle close to nature. As the highlight in this project, nature is embodied in each grass and tree. As the carrier of nature, the architects hope to create a property image with ecology, humanity, and quality, coordinating and balancing people's living space, and interpreting living art with reasonable design methods.


 New Hope Real Estate, Country Garden Real Estate
 3520 mq
 Wu Guowei


Established in Hong Kong in 1998, and established branches in Shanghai and Fujian in 2008, ARTBELL is a landscape practice headquartered in Shanghai now. ARTBELL advocates the design concept of "minimalist form and unbounded art" and modern minimalist design style. It has a professional design team of over 130 people, serving the residential, commercial, cultural, and tourism fields all over China. With senior industry experience, high-quality modern design, and standardized workflow, it has won high praise from many customers.

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