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Elite’s Mansion Landscape Design: modern techniques combined with natural design


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Located in fast developing city of Foshan, a city featured Lingnan culture in China, the project initially covers an area of 8,445 square meters and later expanded to 10,924 square meters. Under the conditions of tight design cycle, limited cost, and incomplete infrastructure conditions, how to realize the client's primary demand for high quality is the main challenge for the architects. Based on the aesthetic standpoint of both sides, the landscape design aims to express the beauty of space, the beauty of nature, and the beauty of artistic conception.

Considering the city’s dual character of “persistence and breakthrough” and “past and future”, as well as other factors as architecture, marketing, urban interface, market acceptance, and cost, the architects try to excavate the exclusive memories of the site, which collides and derives a brand-new spatial experience, and proposes a multi-version comparison plan and conceptual intention to the residence. The design inspiration comes from the blending traditional culture of Foshan, such as the Qinghui Garden, the Guandi Temple and Baolin Temple. The design emphasizes at three aspects, that is how to optimize the traffic flow to attract more visitors, how to enrich the landscape visiting experience and hot to balance the final effect and the budget.
The architects use the modern techniques combined with natural design thinking to create a clean and simple front-court space with a strong sense of sequence. Considering the long passage outside the red line of the front-court, boulevards are adopted to reduce cost and create a comfortable welcoming atmosphere. Due to space constraints in the backfield, the design uses more transition lines to enrich the space functions and enhance the sense of space experience. The facade uses a square scenery wall to highlight the style of the building. Plants are piled up to afforest the slopes by borrowing from the natural scenery, the decoration pieces are made of natural rocks to create a large environment, and the main nodes are embellished with metal imitation rocks. In this way, it achieves the interaction between man-made and nature, and realizes the fusion of "modern art and nature". The sense of quality experience and scene in the future area comes into being.

Passing through the entrance, the projection formed by light and shadow interspersed against the scenery wall, forming a quiet corner landscape space with gravel and shrubs. The light gray masonry scenery wall injects a graceful and arrogant character into the entrance interface. With the natural scenery, it blocks the hustle and bustle of the city and blurs the boundary brought by the wall. The urban interface shows its own unique style from all angles. The landscape design responds to the local context and highlight its own unique style. The façade is made of gray stone to create a minimal space order while ensuring the visual connection, integration and continuity. Black, white and gray, and square geometric blocks create a simple and modern urban interface. The stones are arranged staggered to create a modern sense of rhythm. While the falling water and the scenery wall are interlaced with each other to create a joyful space. The use of lines and the design of lamps and lanterns make the entire entrance space form a wonderful composition combining virtual and real. Between movement and static, the landscape and nature are ingeniously connected.
The landscape design emphasizes a soft and calm atmosphere, and presents the deep meaning in a minimalist way. Some art installations are set on the entrance side, matched with mirrored water, to create a modern sense of lonesome. In order to enhance the communication and interaction with nature, a skylight that can filter, control light, and capture the mood of light and shadow is left on the top of the corridor to visually ensure the sense of interconnection of the space. The lights at the entrance weave a night of stars, which can exactly echo the light-leaking aluminum panels of the building facade, and the exquisite details of the quality are vividly set off. The corridors are interspersed on the static water surface to draw the circulation of the space, and the dotted trees are drawn into the painting in a suitable posture, creating a sense of comfort and openness coexisting in the space, connecting the entrance and the water garden space. The vertical metal pillars provide media for light and shadow, connecting Foshan's regional culture and every moment of future life.
The mirrored waterscape blends the artistic conception of the landscape and the architecture, and the characteristic planting ponds and the trees in the spotlight break the calmness of the scene. The metal light strips are crisscrossed and interspersed to form a natural aesthetic cut, forming a unique texture with the pool water and lights. The sunken rest space floats above the mirrored water, and the plants on one side of the stairs mobilize the level of the space. The collocation of plants dominated by balls and shrubs builds a bridge between the building and the corridor. Simple construction techniques and subtle details are used in the project to present the various forms of future life in Foshan.


 Radiance Group
 Sun Weihuang


Established in Hong Kong in 1998, and established branches in Shanghai and Fujian in 2008, ARTBELL is a landscape practice headquartered in Shanghai now. ARTBELL advocates the design concept of "minimalist form and unbounded art" and modern minimalist design style. It has a professional design team of over 130 people, serving the residential, commercial, cultural, and tourism fields all over China. With senior industry experience, high-quality modern design, and standardized workflow, it has won high praise from many customers.

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