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Petra Coffee Bar, a unique experience offering a visual unity


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Project Summary
Istanbul has been bursting with specialty coffee shops, and one of the brands leading this charge is Petra Roasting Co. Becoming very popular shortly after opening up their first location, Petra Team partnered with Geo_ID for a striking space in the vibrant business district in Maslak which would represent flourishing identity of Petra Roasting Co. and a new generation of coffee in Istanbul.
Focusing on raising the same sensations rather than having a design code in previous locations, the design brief of the fifth branch was challenging the interiors for the first time; creating a space that would emerge with its architectural language despite the unfavorable volume of the venue. Located under the main staircase of the home furnishing department store, and with just 46 square meters to play with, Geo_ID created a bold/geometric structure that stands out rather than fitting in which draws passerby in.
The design of the Petra coffee bar was shaped around optimization of functions within the space provided; staying true to Petra’s design principals while offering a unique experience. Main initiative was to break through the kiosk design idea and to create a space within space through a shell-like structure embodying its functions within and offering a visual unity.
The structure is held together with 10x10 steel bars which are positioned at angles that follow the existing structure such as the staircase above. This movement of the outline ‘shell’ gives dynamism to the entirety of the space and maximizes visibility encouraging interactions, thus making it pleasant place to enjoy a cup of coffee.
The coffee shop is comprised of three parts (the kitchen, sales counter and the bar) that are defined regarding the optimization of the space, the circulation and ventilation. Areas

for baristas and chefs are carefully arranged and are all open to the public eye proving every step of preparation is as important as the final taste. The back wall serves as a structural artwork on its own with its parametric style. The edgy, bold shapes at different elevations and sizes create another dynamic movement within the ‘shell’ and become the focal point of the entire project. Woods with warm colors providing a natural and comfortable atmosphere overlapping with dark steel bars and a lighting design that echoes the industrial chic feeling; final structure is defined by itself rather than where its located.
The branding is minimally signaled with a tiny LED signage which is mounted on the wooden rocky surface before the coffee roasting counter defining the entrance. The details were kept intentionally raw with rough weldings and protective polish in order to prevent corrosion and to match up with the brand identity. International sensibility for coffee and roasting production is also reflected in the custom designed counters and equipment. The new Petra is designed in a completely new, unique and exciting way, while carrying strong traces of its origin roots and commercial identity.
The Giz Plaza where Petra Coffebar situated is a modern building with exposed concrete and steel and the design follows this futuristic modernity through the use of the same materials and bold/geometric shapes. The counters are made in techno-cement to match the existing floors which seamlessly blend in with the rest of the building.
As the space provided for the coffee bar is limited, customers can order their favorite food and coffee and relax outside the entrance where dining tables are arranged neatly along the common food courts.


 Kacik Keci Gida
 46 mq
 Mahmut Anlar & Tuğçe Rizeli Bilgi
 Lighting Consultant- Ali Berkman, Coffee Equipment- Modbar
 Emre Dörter


Founded in 2013 in partnership with renowned design firm GeoMIM, Geo_ID is an innovative multifaceted studio providing an all-encompassing approach to interior design.
With a team of young creatives , Geo_ID develops unique narratives focusing on revolutionizing all aspects of design, from the brand identity to visually and spatially harmonious interiors.
Starting off with a clear understanding of the context and determining the values that define the project, Geo_ID devices space settings by putting human experience in the center of design. The studio offers sophisticated space creations with young spirit.
Based in Istanbul, young studio boasts a fresh luxury portfolio from Turkey and the Middle East. Ranging from high-end hotels to boutiques and restaurants, few examples are W Hotel Istanbul, Turkey’s first "Grand Boutique Resort" Maxx Royal Kemer, Bebek Hotel by The Stay, Petra Cafe, Paragastroteka, Huqqa and The Market Dubai.

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