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Mota Apartment: spatial integration, with flexibility of spaces and harmony


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The project for the Mota Apartment, located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, was requested by a businessman who had just acquired the property, previously owned by a family with toddlers. The design began from this great difference in needs and lifestyles.
As can be seen in the diagrams that accompanies this memorial, we have eliminated walls and integrated spaces, adapting the apartment to the new owner’s daily routine. His needs were collected through interactions to understand his needs, particularities and way of living.
Previously, the dining room was on the balcony, the kitchen was separated from the rest, and the social area was small. Our design amplified the social area by eliminating a bedroom and the toilet. We integrated the social area with the kitchen and transformed the balcony into a gathering space. A large panel of freijó wood visually expands the space and makes it clear that, through this single gesture, the apartment is arranged and the social space is enhanced. Perpendicular to the freijó panel is the bookcase that camouflages the main access door and serves as a support for the clients's personal objects. This is one of the elements of the project that emerged from conversations with the client, since it was his wish to have a bookcase in order to display his personal objects.
We took advantage of this element and camouflaged the main entrance door of the apartment, making it part of the bookcase. Thus, we visually amplified the space even more. The lighting design reaffirms the design decisions, since it was thought together with the joinery and layout. In addition to the architecture, we designed five design pieces for this apartment: the Órbita dining table, Rod side table, Brasília coffee table, Campo coffee table and the Gap bench. All of them took into account the proportion and materiality of the interior design, ranging from marble, wood and steel. Besides from the furniture, we have also designed a sculpture, named Leku, which the client displays in the entrance bookcase.
The choice of materials was due to the region in which the project is located. The type of wood and marble are easily found in Brazil. For example, one of the pieces is called Brasília, capital of Brazil. There is another one called Campo, which alludes to rural fields of plantation very common in our country. The close-up photo of each of them can be seen in the material sent, and an explanation in detail is at fcstudio.com.br.
As a result, we reinforce the spatial integration, flexibility of spaces and harmony of the whole, through architecture, lighting and furniture design.


 São Paulo
 115 mq
 Flavio Castro
 Flavio Castro, Julia Vilanova
 Pedro Kok


FCstudio was founded by architect Flavio Castro after completing the architecture undergraduate program at Mackenzie University, in Brazil and acquiring a master's degree at UPC, in Spain. Before and during this period he collaborated with national and international architecture practices.
Founded in 2003, FCstudio currently has a multidisciplinary team formed depending on each project´s complexity. The studio´s design reflects Castro’s understanding of architecture, taking into account the constant technological and human changes.
The theoretical basis combined with more than 15 years of experience in projects and construction makes the office a complete production core.
FCstudio has received important awards such WAF (World Architecture Festival - Singapore), IPA (International Property Awards - England), IDA (International Design Awards – USA), WA (World Awards - Brazil), WAN (World Architecture News – England) and Architizer A+ Awards (USA), among others.


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