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mixi, Inc. Tokyo Office restructures better ways of communication

NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN LTD : Tetsutaro Nishida, Yoshimasa Toyama, Haruka Ando

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NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN LTD : Tetsutaro Nishida, Yoshimasa Toyama, Haruka Ando
Aiming to create a community.

mixi, which offers communication services, relocated their headquarters to Shibuya Scramble Square, a new landmark building completed in November 2019. The office concept is "For communication". The goal was to restructure better ways of communication within their own company and furthermore to create new value centered on communication from the Shibuya district. Shibuya is a district full of stimulation from the mixing together of many kinds of diverse cultures, where new culture continuously originates. Taking hints from the Shibuya district, the start of the project was the replacement of office functions with elements of a community, positioning the office as not just a place for working, but as a community where new communication is constantly occurring and surprises beyond imagination are obtained.
The standard floor where employees spend most of their time is designed as a "town", with residential, commercial, and other areas. The desk area with assigned seats (residential area) is at the center, with activity areas (commercial areas) where small groups can assemble or individual activities can be performed around the perimeter. Placing the lively areas around the perimeter also leads to absorbing stimulation from the Shibuya district.
The 36th floor reception area that customers visit first is the "Museum". This is symbolized by a giant wooden frame, and through changing displays and spaces, it becomes a place where visitors meet the always new mixi. The 35th floor is the "Bazaar". In contrast to the museum, it is a casual collaboration space filled with greenery, mixing together a park, café, convenience store, studios, lounges, etc., where new stimulation and discoveries are created with visitors.
In the current situation where the nature of an ideal office is being questioned, making the entire office a creative communication space fulfills the purpose of the relocation, and we think it also makes a meaningful office environment for this day and age.

■Company outline
mixi aims "to create rich communication experiences in close relationships", and strives to create better communication.
mixi was founded in 1997 in Shibuya. It launched the social network "mixi" in 2004, and the smartphone application "Monster Strike" in 2013. Both are communication services that have grown greatly by offering a place to have fun with close friends. Currently, making the most of this knowledge and organizational prowess, mixi are working on developing unprecedented businesses centered on communication with close friends in the areas of sports, digital entertainment, and lifestyle.

■Purpose of relocation
To consolidate its separate branches under one roof and allow for restructuring that facilitates better communication within the company. mixi aims to create new value for communication services from the district of Shibuya, where they were founded.

■About Shibuya in Tokyo
Shibuya is a district that is constantly growing with the mixing and interconnecting of many kinds of diverse cultures.
In order for to achieve further growth, mixi created a place for not just work, but to live a full daily life where various friends and cultures will be welcomed and embraced.

■Design theme
Creating a community
Creating an office like a community with a sense of unity that gathers together diverse people and sparks communication, and positioning the office as not just a place for working, but as a community where new communication is constantly occurring and surprises beyond imagination are obtained by taking hints from the Shibuya district and replacing office functions with elements of a community.

■Detailed overview of each floor
【36F Museum – A place for interaction】
A place where visitors can feel mixi through displays, videos, and interior design to deepen communication.
・Sending out the present and future mixi encompassed in a giant frame
Upon going through the entrance, visitors are greeted by a giant wooden frame covering floor and ceiling in the center, with the window side having the view of the current city, and the opposite side showing videos that let visitors feel the city of the future.
・For communication with visitors while feeling the liveliness of the city
The space facing the city has a line of tables that look like objects in a museum, and is used as a place for communication with visitors while feeling the liveliness outside the window.

【35F Bazaar – A place for surprises and discoveries】
Creating expectations for the future of mixi by surprising visitors with another world they would not imagine, like wandering through side streets.
When they go down the staircase, they are surprised to find a space like a park full of greenery spread out before them.
In contrast to the minimalistic, formal space of the Museum, the Bazaar is a diverse casual space that will surprise visitors and lead them to new discoveries about mixi.
Producing a feeling of excitement by intentionally mixing diverse places.
Mixing together the park, outdoor hall, restaurant, etc. gives visitors the fun, exciting feeling of a bazaar.

【28F-34F Town – A place for connections】
Strengthening connections among employees by letting them freely use their life base and various places around it.
Crossing over a wall changes the atmosphere completely, so letting places be freely selected changes people's minds.
By intentionally placing office functions such as meeting rooms, open meeting spaces, copy corner, etc. along the window side, it creates a space overflowing with activity like a shopping arcade around the floor perimeter.
・Multifunction walls
The walls have a variety of functions that can be used according to how activities along the walls are spread out.
・A place for changing moods and making connections
It can be used for refreshing oneself by drinking coffee or for small events.


 mixi, Inc.
 24613 mq
 Satoshi Nagare, Kenji Masunaga


We are proud to be the largest-scale design firm in Japan without a construction or sales department, and our designers and creators with their rich individuality have been involved in various projects both in Japan and overseas. Our mission is to be the design partner that brings form to the dreams and ideas of our clients. With diverse individual skills and the team power born from their fusion, meeting high-level demands is our strength, for both hospitality design where creative sensibility is required and office design with its logical layout. We keep people at the core of our concepts and create the forms that should be. Pursuing the quality of design by fully utilizing sensibility and technology. The result is the birth of an environment with high added value that offers a new experience. By evolving into a "designer's platform", we will make the dreams of clients in Japan and worldwide a reality.


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