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Espejismo Azul, a place where the spaces manage to integrate the ocean

Pedroávila + Duo Design Studio

Interior  /  Completed
Pedroávila + Duo Design Studio
Espejismo Azul is a visual delight where the spaces manage to integrate the ocean as a guest of the majestic penthouse in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

Pedro Ávila, Oswaldo Sánchez y Enid Sánchez are the designers behind this espectacular penthouse who get their inspiration from the moon and the sun. This magnificent space full of luxury has unique reflections, textures, lights, fabrics and art that makes it a great experience.

The project was created for a family that loves design, and has as a must the open spaces. On the first floor, four rooms with walls of glass emulating luxurious showcases, they receive their residents, those who either on the magnificent terrace, or in the mirrors of the strategically located dressing tables, can enjoy and live with the sea.

Similarly, this location of the mirrors allow moon shapes in their different phases to be materialize in a multidimensional effect. The sculpture Wirering light from Ghost Forma designers for Flos, creates a romantic vision of what appear to be moons waning waves floating in the air. But the element that achieves the most fascinating natural metaphor, is the floor of the hall with a base in Covelano marble, from where abstract forms emulate aquatic creatures that could well be two mystical fish that meet in a kiss at the end of a mirror placed at the bottom, or majestic stingrays welcoming him.

The upper floor is another grand mirage with dramatic visual effects. The opening that is achieved with the large skylight, the wooden ceiling and the pergola of the spectacular terrace, creates the illusion of being sailing on an exclusive yacht, under an atmosphere of warmth and marine luxury. The sea in its different shades, the jacuzzi, the lighting, the furniture that continues with the circular allusions and the palms, configure the rhythm of this particular oasis that can also be enjoyed from the elevated pool placed inside.

The main room is designed under a concept of yin and yang evident in its large two-tone mat, the central armchair and the circular shapes that continue in the individual armchairs by Ricardo Casas, and in the dazzling light sculptures Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, that crown this space, and the tall oval dining room with a marbled effect that was chosen to match this stylish spot. On this floor, it is also worth highlighting a petrified wave by Héctor Alvarado, and a German jewel bathed in gold, as a key to a guest bathroom with a multidimensional depth effect.


 400 mq
 Pedro Ávila, Oswaldo Sánchez, Enid Sánchez
 Pedro Ávila, Oswaldo Sánchez, Enid Sánchez
 Max Carballo


For us, it is essential to know our clients because this approach allows us to materialize their ideas and needs. The main objective is to offer not only architecture or design projects, but comprehensive experiences, where it is possible to experience the effects of transformed spaces.

White space is our starting point to recreate in the mind, visualize, play, search and experiment with shapes, dimensions and structures. Our projects are characterized by reflecting a balance between the functional and avant-garde with the playful character that distinguishes us.

To achieve this, we have a wide service scheme designed to attend the different stages that the process encompasses from its design, construction and finish to its decoration.

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