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City of Sky, the artistic style of Mordor into modern space

Haochen Su

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Haochen Su
The feeling of time changing
From primitive to urban
It not only records the deduction of time and space
It is a perfect combination of modern and nature
Peaceful and elegant mood takes root and sprouts here
Waiting for spring and autumn fruit, precipitation in the heart
The protagonists of contemporary cities often regard home as a dwelling place with equal emphasis on spirit and material, which is the reason why they obtain abundant internal energy
Therefore, it can be rooted in the personality of the residents
The designer integrates the artistic style of Mordor into modern space, architecture and nature without losing the artistic style. The artistic conception of virtual reality is pregnant with the quality cultivation and connotation suitable for the contemporary living environment. When the house is given the meaning of home, it is no longer a habitat, but a memory of life time
The emotion of space is often hidden in the details and in the depth of time. Behind it is the treasure of life and the understanding of people. In some special moments, it is a kind of care and exploration of life. For designers, capture a moment in the nature, and try to insert it into the static architectural space, engrave the design language in time, and stimulate heterogeneous feelings and experiences.
The quality of architecture lies in poetry and beauty, as well as details and perfection. Extracting images from the natural landscape, the naturalistic art of life runs through the sentiment of space. To create a living space with clear distinction between time and space, and to create a space mood with residents.
The texture and grain of natural stone give the space a lasting quality polished by years. It looks like a cloud ladder. The stone color is primitive and blends into the landscape. The inner artistic conception is simple and elegant. It makes nature and fashion blend with each other. Every detail is carefully carved to make life more artistic.
Home is the place of the heart. Infinite space means infinite life. There is no clear boundary for the teahouse in the same open area. Emotion is integrated into the space, rendering the contemporary avant-garde and fashionable artistic atmosphere, meeting the ultimate pursuit of modern people's spiritual level. Decorate modern dolls, collision out of the conventional space charm. The collision and resonance of architecture and emotion are deduced in this space.
"Let light be designed," said Pei, and the starry light and shadow of the studio can create a coherent and transparent space atmosphere. Under the contrast of the reality, the dazzling furnishings of purple blue and metal texture give space rhythm and rhythm, while the notes and notes convey the contrast of mystery, chance and constant change, which shows a non logical sense of order.


 Shanghai City
 1200 mq
 Haochen Su
 Wei Li


Young designer, APDC Asia Pacific Design member, founder and design director of Shanghai Haodi interior design office. Works cover architecture, private house, office, club, etc.

Design is not a simple stack

But the inner feeling and communication

To achieve the "combination of man and nature to the maximum extent"

Give life to space and give life to art.


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