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Blossom Hill MagicRoof Bar: inspired by "Alice in Wonderland", a colorful experience space

SWS Group

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SWS Group
1. Project Introduction
The project is located on the Bank of Huangpu River in Huangpu District of Shanghai, namely The Bund. There are not only old buildings in Shanghai, Huangpu River View and prosperous streets. There is also the intersection of eastern and Western culture and economy in the old times, as well as the new face of modern civilization. This land is always ready for a younger and more powerful cultural injection. The MagicRoof Bar designed by SWS Group, inspired by "Alice in Wonderland", presents a colorful and confusing immersive experience space with a story. The space is composed of indoor and larger outdoor areas, creating a sense of mystery that people can travel through the maze, as well as a leisure area for long conversations and an area for interacting with pets. The repertoire of "Alice in Wonderland" is narrated little by little in the bar experience.

2. Difficulties and solutions in project design
The first difficulty is that we hope to design the space in a narrative way. How to deconstruct and integrate the classic play of "Alice in Wonderland" into the space to give visitors an immersive experience?
We select distinctive visual elements and cultural symbols from the classic repertoire of "Alice in Wonderland" and turn them into the design language of the space: Down The Rabbit Hole, The Queen's Justice, The Mirror's Help, Maze garden, Meet the Cheshire cat , A Mad Tea-Party and Alice's Evidence. Every chapter can match the design in the bar.

The second difficulty is that the height of the bar entrance hall and some areas of the interior space is low. How to improve it through design?
We designed metal "playing cards" for indoor ceilings, and laid each playing card on the ceiling with a wavy line in an orderly manner. Every playing card needs to be hung from the ceiling by hand following the arc. This kind of ceiling design greatly improves the reality of the original interior space with low floor height, making the space very impressive.

The third difficulty is that the downstairs of the bar is the guest room area of ​​the hotel. While satisfying the various entertainment functions of the bar, an adequate sound insulation system is required.
Floor design In order to create a nostalgic and natural effect, we use red brick combined with cement. We first arrange the red bricks at intervals, and then fill in the cement joints. Because the gap is large and smooth and flat, the jointing process is very time-consuming.

The last difficulty is that the project requires a variety of new and old materials to work together ingeniously to fit the design theme of the space.
We used very interesting and experimental designs in many places in the project. For example, in the infinitely extending glass cabinet in the box, we used single-sided mirrors and mirrors, combined with the arrangement of light, to create multiple infinitely reflective glass cabinets. This increases the mystery of the space and the desire to explore.


 955 mq
 SWS Group
 Wei Sun, Tianyu Zhu, Hui Lan, Yangyang He, Xinyue Li


SWS Group, a service company with design as a platform, our service scope includes design, product, and urban renewal. Our core concepts are Pioneering, Topicality, Sociality and
Collaborativeness and our mission are to "service to create life" to provide brand and project consulting, planning, and design services.

SWS group pays attention to the foresight of design. Since its establishment, it has been committed to "humanities, technology, environmental protection, and sustainability". In order to create a more unique Oriental lifestyle as the goal, to create the cultural characteristics of "harmony between human and nature". SWS group integrates the regional culture of the project with modern lifestyle and business form so that each project has its own unique brand.


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