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Albpastrim Office transforms a silo with prefabricated reinforced concrete in offices

Loft Architects

Interior  /  Completed
Loft Architects
Our design task was to transform a silo with prefabricated reinforced concrete elements in the main offices and warehouse of Albpastrim. The shed was divided into two floors of 100 mqs each and the rest, which had the height of two floors served as a warehouse. The task given to us by the clients was to double the dedicated office environment. Preserving the axes of the existing columns, we placed a new grid of columns to add a sole adjacent to the existing one, all with monolithic reinforced concrete construction. We decided to stretch the slab beams in the longest direction, thus opposing the basic constructive logic, in order to achieve a visual unification with the existing construction. The sepparation of the offices with the warehouse is made by using glass modules. The glass doors are with air pump system, without frame. In the terminal part of the office space we have placed the functions such as toilets, kitchen, archives. Toilet plumbing were planned in the center of the layout. We changed them by opening a new plumbing channel, to leave the center of the meeting room space. The floor is paved with porcelain tiles, while the concrete walls and columns are painted with varnish. The partitions of the premises are with gypsum walls, with two gypsum sheets on both sides and stone wool in the middle. The central cube, which serves as a meeting room, is made of metal construction and is covered with gypsum sheets. The ceiling of this cube has four metal towing columns, which are fixed to the prefabricated reinforced concrete slab, as the closure is with folding doors, which hang from the ceiling and have an orienting rail on the floor. For the lighting we used incaso ceiling with plexiglass and hidden led, while the floor is paved with white parquet, to avoid cracks that may occur. The blue stairs are painted with resin and quartz. While the wiring passes through visible ducts or rigid pipes, the air conditioning system is ceiling VRF. The closed offices have their own air conditioners independent from the common room, including the central cube. The partitions between the work posts are fixed only on the floor while the other windows are made of aluminum profiles incaso 2cm. The shelves in the showroom are made of plexiglass, placed on top of each other with silicone heels. The rest of the shelves and furniture are made of MDF with white plastic veneer and metal structure.


 Alb Group
 750 mq
 Lorenxa Molla, Fatjon Molla
 Klaudio Çurmaku, Oliver Tushi, Gezim Vogli
 Leonit Ibrahimi


Loft Architects is a design studio specialized in architectural complex buildings, interior design and product design development. In the center of our work lies the group interaction to develop different ways of communication and dialogue in the finalization of each project with the best creative potential. We design interior space both for private & public projects.
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Our architecture proposes a minimalist design that reflects the style, a sober elegance and our sensitivity towards the light and the elements of nature. We provide full architectural services, from concept design to construction supervision. We study every element of a project in detail, with special attention to light, materiality, and to new construction technologies.


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