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Multi-functional sport center Carmen Longo

FABRIC Integrated Architecture

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FABRIC Integrated Architecture
The project includes the construction of a new swimming pool, water slides and a spray park for children.
The external pool (800sqm and max internal high of 140cm) will be the result of a remodeling of the former one.
The new infinity pool will be finished in polished concrete and illuminated by inner spots. It will include a relax area with water jets and a proper swimming area.
The water slides will be accessed by the roof level and will be filtered by showers and anti fungal foot washer.
External stairs will lead to the top and every slide will be equiped with a breaking zone at the bottom for safety reasons.
The spray park will be dedicated to children and will be charaterized by a wet area (300sqm) with concrete floor and organic shapes.
Water attractions and floor jets should be created with differentiated input.
Sorrounding areas will be trated as “clean feet” areas .
the entrance to this areas will take place through obligatory paths equipped with automatic showers and foot wash basins with antifungal.
The changing rooms will be located in the basement, divided by gender, and are sized in accordance with regional and Coni regulations, with respect to the overall surface of the pools.
Inside the changing rooms there will be toilets with wc and showers. Other toilets, serving the outdoor spaces, can be located on the ground floor near the children's area.
All the spaces pertaining to the swimming pool will also be usable by disabled people;
The choice of materials opts for reinforced concrete for the vertical structure, curtain walls in concrete, aluminum and glass for the transparent facades.
The project proposal includes different functional areas within the lot.
It is planned to leave a large part of the outdoor spaces as green areas.
These areas will have new plantings, with an integrated automatic irrigation system and will be subject to scheduled maintenance.
The presence of tree species is expected, some of which have been maintained and others are newly planted.
Following a brief description of the internal functions of the new multifunctional building in continuity with the Citadel of Sport complex.
The proposal will include a multipurpose space for sports use on the ground floor designed in a flexible way in order to be used for different sports activities. The materials used and the floor and wall finishes will be suitable for carrying out these activities.
The complex will host a restaurant and bar area.
The spaces will be located on the ground floor and consist of an internal room and an open patio, also accessible from the outside. During the summer, the administration room will be partially at the service of the pool users, accessible directly from the areas inside the lot, while another part, plus the outdoor patio, will be available to users of the sports and outdoor centers. During the winter, the administration room remains in operation for the users of the sports and outdoor centers on the entire surface.
The restaurant will be equipped with a kitchen, spaces for washing dishes, service rooms for storing food, waste rooms, bathrooms and changing rooms for staff, all in compliance with the hygiene regulations.
The bar will be equipped with a counter for the quick service of the quick lunches.
The solarium will be dedicated to serve drinks, sweets and light food with customers standing at the bar or sitting at tables with chairs.
The project involves the inclusion of a small space for commercial connected to the sport activities practiced in the sector. The small shop will be configured in open space and will be customizable by the conductors.
In direct communication with the outdoor areas and the swimming pools, there will be an emergency room for users in compliance with the safety regulations.
From a construction point of view it was considered appropriate to demolish all the existing structures above ground portion while maintaining the underground portions by means of appropriate reinforcements and following the existing structural system.
The sinuous shape of the solarium is characterized by the presence of a considerable overhang towards the swimming pool (about 4.0m), and by gates and curvilinear shapes; these aspects, together with the search for a structural package with a not excessive impact, led the choice towards a slab with reinforced concrete slab cast in situ with a thickness of 45cm, equipped with lightening and two structural joints.
The interventions will be completed with the extension of the basement in reinforced concrete. and the remodeling of the walls of the main pool.
The final goal of the sizing is to obtain an A + seismic classification of the structure.


 Marzo 2022
 11.500 mq mq
 AEDES costruzioni
 BIESSE Ingegneria, ARIATTA Ingegneria dei Sistemi


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