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Homizy Rubattino, a residential building that embodies dynamism

GaS Studio

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GaS Studio
Homizy Rubattino is an urban regeneration project based on the adaptive re-use of an abandoned building once destined for industrial uses and never completed.
The objective is to convert this structure into a residential use that embodies dynamism, values and responsible development aimed at “young professionals” (ages 21-35) that appreciate innovative and flexible models being proposed. The project consists of 6 floors plus two basement levels.

A smart-premium building with a split personality.
The public facades are characterized by a simple geometry of 2 wings and a composition that emphasises the corner condition, the main entrance and the location of most collective functions.
The inner court facade proposes a completely different approach: Color and movement are very present and a variety of glazed openings communicate the functions beyond and respond to local conditions.
Sobriety and privacy on the exterior. The building, on its public side, expresses a simple composition. Window groupings animate the facade and the corner condition is emphasized to mark entrance and respond to the urban characteristics present.
Openness and movement on the interior. On the other hand, the interior facades create a completely different ”look and feel.” Color and movement are very present and the use of different sized windows reflect both functional as well as privacy issues. Upon this mosaic of colors are superimposed the principal exterior circulation elements.
Co-living and Co-sharing. A variety of spaces to be lived and shared.
All above-ground floors are designed to have a wide variety of apartment typologies ranging from studio apartments to multi-bedroom apartments of various sizes. Circulation is an exterior corridor of generous width thought of as a place of transit but also exterior filter spaces for the use of individual dwellings.
This new circulation element is also visible from the exterior of the project at the corner and allows a glimpse of the internal world to the outside.
On the ground floor, the main entrance is a double-height space with collective functions that look onto a private garden equipped for sport, relax and social gatherings.
Directly below in the first basement are located laundry rooms, meeting spaces and storage facilities. On the last floor, the complex provides a generous collective terrace with views of Milan.

Energy efficiency
The building uses passive as well as active means to improve energy efficiency. Photovoltaic cells as well as geothermal sources are employed and combined with superior insulation values which contribute to the building’s overall performance.


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 GaS Studio
 GaS Studio
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GaS Studio was established in 1997, with offices in Milan, Rome and San Francisco (annex offices in Lugano and Sonoma). Firm activity ranges from architecture to interior design, providing integrated solutions to national and international clients. Managed in Italy by Andrè Straja, Giacomo Sicuro and Lenka Lodo, the group has developed, through the years, an impressive client list, including: TIM, ING, Abbott, Investire SGR, STAM Europe, Microsoft, General Electric Capital Real Estate, Generali properties, Babcock&Brown, British American Tobacco, Vodafone, Pricewaterhouse&Coopers, Tiffany, Burberry, Fendi, Axa, Fnac, Haworth, First Atlantic, Nexity, Altarea, CBRE, Aedes, Sara, Coca Cola, and others. As of today the group's workforce consists approximately of 30 people, including partners, collaborators and employees.


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