GaS Studio in collaboration with Parisotto+Formenton Architetti - Casa di Langa in Cuneo: a model for eco-friendly resorts
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Casa di Langa in Cuneo: a model for eco-friendly resorts

GaS Studio in collaboration with Parisotto+Formenton Architetti

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GaS Studio in collaboration with Parisotto+Formenton Architetti

The project by GaS Studio with Parisotto+Formenton Architetti is based on sustainability and respect for the natural world. Partially built in the early 2000s and left unfinished, the building was redesigned around the maximum reuse and adaption of the existing structures while completely revolutionizing the guest experience, from circulation to the distribution of the areas. A fundamental ingredient was that of intimately connecting the building to its surroundings. The design was inspired by a profound respect for the region and its heritage and a desire for authenticity, combined with a contemporary twist and extreme care for the details. The building develops in a C-shaped plan around an open piazza that cascades down the hillside in a progression of terraces towards the valley. The three wings of the building frame the breathtaking view that can reach as far as the Monviso peak. The design team did an extensive research of the dominant colours of Piemonte. Nature in the various seasons, soil and foliage, ancient cities and villages, all contributed in the final choices for material and colours. Stones, plasters, paints, textiles, all were carefully selected to remind one of the surrounding landscape of the Langhe and left “imperfect” to further connect the architecture to the rural context and add a tactile dimension. Vertical exterior elements are monochromatic. Stucco, bricks, wood and roof tiles are all shades of deep red whereas all exterior horizontal surfaces are mono-material: local granite in multiple textures ranging from slabs to blocks and pavers to gravel. In the interiors the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, thanks to the neutral natural-based plasters and the use of wood and stone. The entire project aims to be a model for eco-friendly resorts. A commitment to a sustainable future is the backbone of Casa di Langa's mission and design, one that includes carbon neutrality, use of 100% recycled water for irrigation, and most importantly, being good stewards of the land. The most evident decision that minimized environmental impact, was the adaptive re-use of an existing structure. New exterior materials were sourced nearby: the local granite quarry provided Pietra di Luserna stone for a variety of paving textures, wood was harvested sustainably and FSC certified, and the interior finishes were all sourced within Italy. Architects and landscape designers worked together to create a unique place Casa di Langa is nestled in its landscape and borders with the territory of Roero and Monferrato. The hotel is immersed in the famed wine-growing territory of the Langhe and is also in a UNESCO world heritage site. The project is located within a cultural landscape, the result of the combined action of humans and nature. Landscape wise, the building and its extended functions want to fit harmoniously into the context, setting as its objectives the physical and visual connection with the context, the usability of all outdoor spaces even in a context with a complex morphology and the re-interpretation of the local language through new compositional forms. The project is part of a highly agricultural-productive context focused on the production of wine, truffle harvesting and the cultivation of hazelnut trees. The goal of the landscape project is to narrate these peculiarities, highlight their processes and invite visitors of the Hotel to explore them more closely. The landscape project is structured with a natural gradient that, starting from the central space of the building, fades outwards and towards the agricultural parts, with more rustic interventions. The plant species, materials and colours used are those of the typical Langa landscape. The system of open spaces of the hotel is divided into different areas, each of them is different in functionality, spatial and material characteristics. The areas of the landscape project are divided into connecting roads to the project and entrance area, Art Garden and SPA, terrace and central terrace, outdoor tavern and fireplace, terraced gardens and ‘bocce’ area, orchard and vegetable garden area, swimming pool and terraces on the upper floors.


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 3000 mq
 GaS Studio con Parisotto + Formenton Architetti
 GaS Studio con Parisotto + Formenton Architetti
 Malabaila e Arduino spa
 Interior finishing: - outdoor plasters: Weber Saint-Gobain - indooor plasters: Matteo Brioni - bricks: fornace Ballatore - brick roof tiles: fornace Ballatore - faucets: Gessi / Cea Design - sanitary fixtures: Cielo/ Agape / Jacuzzi - fireplaces: Maison Fire - switches: Microdevice - lighting: PSLab, Flos Bespoke, Firmamento Milano, Astep - safety lighting: Viabizzuno - windows: Secco - firepit: AK47 Loos Furniture: - B&B / Maxalto (designers: Antonio Citterio) - Carl Hansen (designers: Hans Wegner, Ole Wanscher) - Cassina (designers: Charlotte Perriand) - De Padova (designers: Vico Magistretti) - Hay (designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec) - Poliform (designers: Jean-Marie Massaud) - True Design (designers: Parisotto+Formenton, Orlandini Design) - Meridiani - Rucksthul (rugs) - Vibieffe - Vitra (designers: Antonio Citterio) mattresses: Midsummer Milano linen: Beltrami / Society curtians: Bottone Outdoor Furniture : - Emu - Tribu - Dedon - Kettal
 Alberto Strada


GaS Studio was established in 1997, with offices in Milan, Rome and San Francisco (annex offices in Lugano and Sonoma). Firm activity ranges from architecture to interior design, providing integrated solutions to national and international clients. Managed in Italy by Andrè Straja, Giacomo Sicuro and Lenka Lodo, the group has developed, through the years, an impressive client list, including: TIM, ING, Abbott, Investire SGR, STAM Europe, Microsoft, General Electric Capital Real Estate, Generali properties, Babcock&Brown, British American Tobacco, Vodafone, Pricewaterhouse&Coopers, Tiffany, Burberry, Fendi, Axa, Fnac, Haworth, First Atlantic, Nexity, Altarea, CBRE, Aedes, Sara, Coca Cola, and others. As of today the group's workforce consists approximately of 30 people, including partners, collaborators and employees.


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