HYP-ARCH DESIGN - Shenyang Northeast Yingcai Middle School, a vibrant multi-dimensional space
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Shenyang Northeast Yingcai Middle School, a vibrant multi-dimensional space


Education  /  Completed
SHENYANG NORTHEAST YINGCAI MIDDLE SCHOOL is located in Yuhong District, Shenyang City. It occupies a plot area of about 26,000 square meters, and the buildings of the school has a gross floor area of about 35,000 square meters, consisting of a teaching complex, a cafeteria and a gymnasium and an outdoor playground.
Given the limited urban interface and external conditions of the project, the key of the design is to create an inward-facing and vibrant multi-dimensional space system that connects different public activity spaces and a complete, continuous and dynamic flow of traffic.
In order to achieve a more three-dimensional and diverse school system, we reduced the volume of some buildings' first and second floors, and arranged the main classrooms on the 2-5 floors, thus creating more roaming activity space for the first and second floors.
Design concept: multi-dimensional space system
The main purpose of the design is to create a healthy exercise space parallel to the high-intensity teaching function. We call this multi-dimensional public space the "second track". Different from the first track on the playground, it can not only connect all the classrooms in series, but also provide a diverse and efficient sports & communication space.
We designed a richer and more diversified spatial system, where numerous public spaces intersperse in. The flat structure has been modified into a three-dimensional one, giving more possibilities for physical and visual contact. Such a structure creates more opportunities for students for mutual observation and learning too.
Unlike the traditional design of free-standing buildings, different teaching spaces of the school are linked together, which ensures the continuity of form whilst maintaining the independence of each building unit. Dynamic architectural space blends harmoniously with the flowing and organic teaching environment. In this coherent and open spatial structure, students can save much travel time and shelter themselves from bad weather.
We have created three different types of yards with the space enclosed by classrooms. The "second track" is cleverly combined with terraces, corridors, steps and stilt floors, thus forming a U-shaped yard, a sunken yard and a courtyard.
The facade is divided into separate building blocks that adopt standard and modular techniques according to the characteristics and conditions of the project. This can ensure the efficiency of construction while preserving the uniqueness of each block. By arranging these blocks in different ways, we brought more possibilities to the architectural appearance.


 Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
 Poly Developments & Holdings Group Co., Ltd.
 35000 mq
 Project Manager: Yang Jiefeng, Yi He; Project Executive Leaders: Ding Zhenhai, Wang Rong
 Design team: Fu Chenguang, Ma Buyang, Gao Min, Nie Cailiang, Yang Nan, Liu Zijian, Yan Yinxiao
 Wu Qingshan


HYP-ARCH DESIGN was established in 2008. It is a Shanghai-based architectural design firm with a Grade A design qualification certificate and has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise by Shanghai Municipal Committee of Science and Technology, a research and development institution in Pudong New Area, and a member of Shanghai BIM Technological Innovation Alliance.
With more than 600 professional architects, it provides integrated services of planning, architecture, landscape and interior design for residential communities, offices, cultural and tourism towns, urban renewal and other fields.
HYP-ARCH keeps pursuing the latest international design philosophies, focusing on human-oriented design details and providing clients with multi-dimensional services. Many of its design works have received domestic or international awards, thus making the company gain wide popularity and good reputation.



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