Angela Luo - Zhengzhou Vanke Pavillion: a modern courtyard, shaped by concrete and glass
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Zhengzhou Vanke Pavillion: a modern courtyard, shaped by concrete and glass

Angela Luo

Culture  /  Completed
Angela Luo

The project is located on the north end of the enterprise park, with the public activity area to its south and the hotel plaza to the east and roadways to its north. In brief, it enjoys convenient transportation. According to the location and Vanke’s corporate spirit of “Green, Open and Shared”, the design team aimed to create a public Vanke Pavilion that can display Vanke’s corporate culture while offering public activities.
With this vision, the design team worked out a concept of “a semi-open courtyard”, so as to realize a modern interpretation of traditional courtyards and garden spaces. The building itself is divided into East and West blocks. The ground floor of the East block is the reception area and tea room, and its upper floor is the negotiating space and recreation area. The West block has a property model display area and the exhibition area. In between both blocks is an enclosed courtyard made of glass bricks. The courtyard itself is open to the building and the external environment on the ground floor. On the upper floor, a platform connects the blocks. And the platform has openings, from which trees on the ground floor can extend into the second floor, hence achieving a natural connection of spaces.
In order to realize the design concept, the design team selected a combination of thick concrete slabs and light glass to further emphasize the contrast between “virtual and real”. For the concrete slabs, the design team also blended solid slabs with partially perforated slabs to realize a translucent spatial effect. Furthermore, the team placed more emphasis on the concept of multi-levels for the space, achieving the multiple spatial transition from the external environment to the building, and to the courtyards and then to the building again, and back to the courtyard once more. Integrated with the classic garden concept of “varying scenes at each step through repeated twists and turns”, the design emphasizes the occlusion of vision and hint of space. With the treatment of materials and light, it further improves the playfulness of the space. In addition, is the project not just enjoys the transformation between “virtual and real” in the space, but also realizes the integration and variation of the internal and external spaces in the sense of use through functional arrangements.
The tea room extends to the platform on the glass courtyard. The protruded part is not only an outer seating area of the tea room, but also a small stage for speeches and musical performances. In this way, the glass courtyard becomes a viewing venue, and the interior space of the tea room itself becomes a temporary backstage. The box extending from the upper floor into the glass courtyard becomes an auditorium on the upper floor. Lastly, the building with the semi-open courtyard can effectively integrate with the surrounding environment. The project realizes a perfect design of integrating architecture with landscape, arranging trees within the building.


 Hanfei Chen
 Tao Zhang, Binbin Yue, Ruorong Huang, Pengcheng
 Zipan Peng


It is located on the north of the campus. Based on Corporate Spirit of “Green, Open and Shared”, we proposed a concept of “a semi-open courtyard”, realizing a modern interpretation of traditional courtyard spaces. It has 2 parts: the East on ground is the reception area and tea room; its upper floor is the negotiation and recreation area. The West has sand table and the exhibition area. There is a courtyard in between enclosed by glass brick. A platform on upper floor connects buildings; the trees can grow into the second floor from holes on the platfrom, achieving the connection of spaces.

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