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The Delta: a wide range of cultural activities for a very wide audience

Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, architects & engineers

Culture  /  Completed
Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, architects & engineers
In the heart of the city, on the north bank of the Sambre river and facing the place called "Le Grognon", the building built in the early 1960s to plans by Victor Bourgeois required renovation and extension to meet current demand and desired redevelopment of rue des Bouchers on the banks of the Sambre.
In addition to the modernization of the large performance hall for 400 people and its equipment, the project adds a room for 80 to 120 people and a room for 120 to 150 people which takes place in an emblematic element "Le Tambour" marking the entrance from the city.
The junction between this new construction and the original crescent-shaped wing offers a protected reception porch with a view of the Sambre and the citadel, a highly symbolic place of the City of Namur.
Bleachers have been installed in place of the quayside wall, thus providing an opening and contact between the building and the city and the river.
The 3 rooms have different gauges (450/600; 80/120; 120/150) and are flexible.
The large room with its retractable seats can accommodate 450 people seated to 600 people standing. It is compatible with a wide range of performance.
The small room can accomodate 80 people seated to 120 people standing. It is rather reserved for a younger audience and amplified music.
The Tambour room allows for different configurations, including the possibility of having a central stage (circus, etc.).
All the rooms are equipped to allow cinema, theatrical and musical performances (amplified if necessary).
The possibilities are therefore very varied.
The exhibition halls have been enlarged, modernized and completed with an artist’s residence.
The solar control of the east facade is provided by Magnélis © (galvanized steel) louvers which follow the path of the sun to ensure permanent protection of the works on display or to provide blackout when they are closed on demand.
The program also integrates training rooms, offices, an artist's residence, accommodation and recording studios.
It is therefore a comprehensive tool that is made available to users to offer a wide range of cultural activities to a very wide audience.
Materials :
A large part of the elements of the heritage or qualitative finishes have been preserved either identically (principal staircase, floor of the hall and foyer, etc.), or recycled (stone from the facades transformed into exterior flooring, paneling of the foyer recycled into finishing of the bar, relamping of the lights with LEDs, recycling of the diffusers of Murano glass wall lights, etc.).
The new materials have been selected for their low energy impact as part of BREEAM certification.

The Delta being located on the edge of the Sambre, it was therefore natural to meet the demand for heating and cooling via water / water heat pumps with devices with the best efficiency.
Diffusion is carried out either by
- hot water batteries on the forced air of the ventilation (exhibition, show, reception, etc.)
- underfloor heating (reception room 80, artist space, etc.)
- dynamic beams (studios, etc.)
The flow rates are regulated by a CO2 (air) or presence (water) probe depending on the occupancy.


 Province of Namur
 8560 mq
 Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, architects & engineers
 Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, architects & engineers
 Thomas & Piron
 Project author : Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS - Picture : François BRIX


Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, founded in 1980, is a private company owned by its partners and led by its two administrators, Åsa Decorte and Ghislain André. With its affiliated companies FTI (founded in 1985), DAE (founded in 1994) and AirSR (founded in 2003), it is active in all fields of architecture and building engineering.

Philippe Samyn’s architectural and engineering design approach is based on questioning, which can be summarised as a “why” methodology inspired by the client aspiration and the genius loci. The firm approaches projects openly to all sorts of possibilities whilst listening closely to its client demands.

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