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Expo box, the combination of classic and experimental retail space


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DESIGN BOX is a mixed use – retail building that was primarily born as a showroom space. The three-story building was born on the same spot of the old one.

content: ___DESIGN BOX as a combination of classic and experimental retail space. Investors desire is to form a space for interaction and constant improvement. Cooperation with professionals from various sectors: architecture, design, art, as well as local traditional craftsmen.

Cooperation with young people and their involvement in the process of product design and implementation is a very important purpose of EXPO BOX. For this reason the internal organization is freely set up, giving the opportunity to adapt to the future needs of users.

Each floor has an interactive purpose, only the services are set aside as separate. The ground floor is designed as an interactive showroom for non-professionals, while the first floor is reserved for sector professionals as well as for courses and seminars to be held to promote design and architecture. The second floor is left as a free space that will host two design / fashion / architecture studios. All complementary professions that can work together to improve and interact in-between.

container:___The location of the building conditioned the concept of the façade. The main boulevard leading to the city is a very busy road. Therefore we decided to design a very interesting fragmented façade that follows the dynamics of the location. The play of shadows that is formed and varies following the position of the Sun is created thanks to the triangular panels on the façade.

The façade is an articulation of clean-cut repeating modules. The interpolation of full and empty fields in itself gives a characteristic appearance. The volumes of the building emphasizes two frames that are accentuated, each of them follows the specific purpose of the interior space organization.

The ground floor of the building is a glass cube therefore the upper black volumes get the effect of floating. The interior atmosphere is a continuation of the exterior, so the interior is conceived as a game of shadows and pure geometries. While the triangular modules on the façade were designed as a panel ventilated façade, in the interiors perforated metal sheet in combination with natural wood is used.

shadow:___The shadow is the main actor in this project. The playful geometry on the façade allows the building to always change its appearance and never have the same.

Façade panels are placed so that, in addition to the visual effect of the play of shadows, they also have the effect of protection from direct sunlight.

The idea was to achieve the same effect in the interior setting.
Therefore a game of skylights was made, which is positioned above the central staircase. The skylights have a variable cross section in order to conduct natural light in different directions.


 Dekor Iva Co.
 981 mq
 Maja Dapčević
 Marija Petričević, Anđela Milošević, Tanja Radovanović, Anja Vučeljić, Jovana Jušković


STUDIO KOTA is a young, award winning studio, made of creative and enthusiastic architects always in pursuit of the best idea. An excellent mix of variety in characters and educational / work background.
It was founded by an Italian architect with Montenegrin origins Maja Dapčević.Born in Cetinje, the Historical Capital of Montenegro_City of art and museums. She obtained her degree from Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara_Italy. Previously worked with internationally based studios in Italy, Montenegro and abroad. She was a memeber of the Italian chamber of Architects. Now she is the member of the Montenegrin chamber of engineers.

STUDIO KOTA is working on projects in Montenegro, Italy, France, Norway etc. They have already several projects completed. High end residential and hospitality projects, exclusive villas on coast of Montenegro as landscape projects along the Adriatic coast.


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