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Villa Mayr, a return to the origins and beyond

Bergmeisterwolf Architekten

Renovation  /  Completed
Bergmeisterwolf Architekten
the villa mayr project is a return to the origins and at the same time a continuation of the building process.
It is a building on tradition and a further development of details that shape the whole.
the existing building, mentioned for the first time in 1570, is the former summer residence of the 'elephant hotel‘ located in the neighbourhood. the management oft he villa was passed on from generation to generation.
starting from the ground floor, the removal of a wall creates a growing into the interiors by a sequence of rooms including bar, foyer and reception. some parts such as the historical staircase and the parlour are restored and further enhanced.
it is a play of colour and materiality.
on the 1st floor, the building continues with a wooden construction docks onto the existing masonry. here, moreover, the work with historical details and the connections between the façade and the cantilevers is visible. these details of the existing masonry are taken over and partly alienated.
it is the search for a balance between the existing and the new building.
it is an expansion of existing structures.
on the upper floor, 7 suites are inserted and the new staircase leads to the attic floor which at the same time forms a connection with the existing staircase.
on the attic floor there are 3 more rooms, each with its own roof terrace. one of them is very spacious, with a bathtub.
the service flat as part of the façade is retained. the openings are always in connection with what is behind them as a play in the façade and here the attempt with projections and recesses takes place with shadow effects. the outside aspect is charachterised by the materiality of the stone plinth, the continuation with rough plaster and the integration of the wooden façade with its surfaces and historical colours.
in the basement, the existing openings are integrated and they are in continuity with the deeper cellars.
the existing openings are retained. only the toilet area is to be slightly redesigned to provide direct disabled access from the car park to the lift, and a mobile ramp is also being considered. on the outside, an attempt has been made to integrate parking, nature and the architecture of the villa mayr.
the building is surrounded by a garden where a 150-year-old vine has become a large pergola and a tall old chestnut tree provides shade and shelter, and creates a charming atmosphere.


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bergmeisterwolf architekten was founded by gerd bergmeister and michaela wolf.
gerd bergmeister studied at iuav in venice and at leopold franzens universität in innsbruck. michaela wolf studied at leopold franzens universität in innsbruck, at politecnico di milano and at the architectural association in london. since 2017 she has been teaching design at rosenheim university of applied sciences in germany.
based in bressanone, bergmeisterwolf architekten produces and realises projects in italy and abroad. since 2010 they have also been passionately involved in the development of new hotel concepts and spaces.
bergmeisterwolf architekten participated in numerous exhibitions, conferences, national and international juries. the studio's awards include various publications in magazines and books, and many national and international awards.

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