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MORA SPACE, creating the ultimate floor effect


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Mora Space is positioned as a two-dimensional otaku lifestyle hotel. In the overall space design, a large number of design elements such as circles, spheres, triangles, and corners are used, and two-dimensional cultural elements are implanted as design embellishments. In the overall design style, the colors are mainly fresh and simple, with sunrise orange and Klein blue as embellishment colors to make the space more agile and artistic, forming a unique MORA style.
At the beginning of the design, Mora Space adhered to the idea of ​​allowing guests to stay here, improving customer retention in terms of design style, soft decoration, operation and service experience, and increasing customer consumption frequency, thereby greatly improving the overall floor efficiency.
In the design of the public area, the color tone is mainly fresh and natural, reflecting the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature. Granite bricks and brushed metal can better highlight the exquisiteness and texture pursued by contemporary young people, with sunset orange and Klein blue as embellishments Color makes the space more agile and artistic. The overall design follows the design principle of free combination, light and hard equipment and heavy soft equipment.
The combination of MORAPIA lobby furniture is free and simple, combining high and low, with a seat combination with backrest and softer cushions, and a more comfortable lazy sofa combination. MORAPIA commercialized the traditional lobby. The past exhibition hall-style presentation was transformed into practical aesthetics. This is a major change and innovation to the traditional hotel lobby.
In terms of guest room design, the design hopes to create a small and beautiful guest room space. Unlimited curved ceiling shape
, Fashionable colors, comfortable materials, and flexible combination of room integrated furniture can meet different functional modes. The bed+sofa+variety cushion can realize the flexible conversion between the bed and the sofa to meet the different habits and needs of the residents.
In the innovative use of new materials, the guest rooms of the MORA Hotel adopt integrated integrated bathroom technology, which can be customized to create an integrated bathroom exclusively for MORA, which can be quickly installed in 3 days. At the same time, a new type of integrated wall panel is used on the wall material of the guest room, which can customize the texture and realize the effect of factory production and fast on-site installation. In terms of furniture selection, the designer chose modular combination of furniture, which can realize factory production and direct installation on site. At the same time, the size is reserved to reduce the problem of furniture installation caused by on-site size problems. On the technical level, the design boldly made breakthroughs and realized the whole factory production, thus the overall goal of four-day rapid installation, breaking the conventional boundaries of the hotel decoration cycle in the industry.
Overall,Mora Space is committed to creating the ultimate floor effect, so that every inch of space can be used rationally. New product forms, youthful accommodation experience, a new business model of lobby scene operation, and a low-input high-yield investment return model also make Mora Space one of the hotel brands with the most investment value.


 Guangzhou City
 4000 mq


Lee Zao
Unit position: founder
Work unit: Guangzhou Dongzhe Design Consulting Co., Ltd.
Personal expertise: brand hotel design, brand apartment design, brand catering design.
My profile:
Founder of Guangzhou Dongzhe Design Consulting Co., Ltd.
Founder of Yisujia Boutique B&B
Senior member of Asia Pacific Design Center
Environmental Art Design Expert of Guangdong Commercial Art Design Industry Association
China's hotel industry Golden Light Award new designer
As a designer with nearly 10 years of hotel interior design experience, he is willing to explore and seek new ideas in the professional field of design.
He is good at the original design of the hotel space brand, and builds a complete standard implementation system for the hotel. In the process of cooperating with many well-known brand hotel management companies and hotel developers, he has accumulated a lot of successful cooperation experience, and he is well versed in the functions and functions of the brand hotel.


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