Bin Wu - "Exclusive space" for young people: Jinan Greentown Chao Yang Sales Gallery
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"Exclusive space" for young people: Jinan Greentown Chao Yang Sales Gallery

Bin Wu

Interior  /  Completed
Bin Wu
The project is located in the Jinan east High-tech Zone, a fast-developing new district. Domestic well-known industries gather in the sector, and the industrial resources are abundant. We aim to create an "exclusive space" for young people, taking the philosophy of life and the aesthetics of life as the height, brewing a lively and quiet field in the city, interpreting the new life of urban elites that integrates people, sports and art Way to guide the future life style of the front-end. The designer will inject the endless flow of urban life and the endless sports spirit into the space design. At the same time, starting from the "sports rhythm", conceived, laid out with shapes and colors, and juxtaposed the rhythmic texture with modern art. Create a space with strength, tension and beauty. The color performance of this case is mainly based on the lake blue series, with cotton and linen fabric, leather and metal accessories, partially matched with modern humanistic wood, metal and other accessories, as well as handicrafts and colors related to natural elements to create an art. The space atmosphere of young artistic conception.
We chose a sculpture by Andre Michel. He was born in Brittany in 1948 and was self-taught. He chose a way of breaking apart, linking his other passion—sports—with contemporary sculpture. It is a matter of handling materials, whether it is brass or bronze, to give it a smooth appearance that changes according to the inspiration of the time. No casting work. The steps are performed manually. Therefore, each room is unique. His works present themes in the most expressive gestures in the discipline. This method is minimalist and the lines are clean, so that the audience only retains the essence, a sense of flow and movement, which is often the opposite of the static state inherent in sculpture.
This project is designed with a combination of youthful elements. The color is mainly light-colored, reflecting the principle of "people-oriented", requiring reasonable spatial layout, smooth movement, and fully meeting the requirements of use. The design style is modern art style. Take the simple design style as the leading design concept, make full use of circular and arc elements to show the high-grade life interest and show the requirements of memory.
Coffee making and dessert baking workshops are set up in the negotiation area, and bookshelves interspersed with books for on-site borrowing are set up in the cafe. It can provide cafe-style services for visiting customers, and visiting customers can relax and sit down to negotiate. It has a very strong social momentum.


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 Bin Wu
 SWS Group
 SWS Group


Bin Wu, the founder of SWS Group, has been deeply involved in real estate design management and mid-to-high-end interior design for more than 20 years. He once worked in the design management department of Shanghai Vanke, founded HWCD interior department and HD international design company successively, and maintained close cooperation with major well-known developers. Experienced in commercial and residential projects, such as Wharf Binjiang E18, Suzhou IFS, Changsha ICC, Sun Hung Kai Binjiang Arc de Triomphe, Shanghai Jinchen Villa, Hangzhou Greentown Qinyuan Life Art Museum, etc.


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