NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN LTD : Risa Misawa, Yuko Tsukumo, Satoru Hayakawa - The Ritz-Carlton Nikko Spa & Onsen within the Japanese national park
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The Ritz-Carlton Nikko Spa & Onsen within the Japanese national park

NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN LTD : Risa Misawa, Yuko Tsukumo, Satoru Hayakawa

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NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN LTD : Risa Misawa, Yuko Tsukumo, Satoru Hayakawa
Situated within Nikko’s National Park with its beautiful landscapes born from volcanic activity and shoreline of Lake Chuzenji, in a neighborhood that has been the summer residence of foreign dignitaries since Japan’s Meiji period sits The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko.

Lake Chuzenji is said to have been created 20,000 years ago by the eruption of Mt. Nantai. This exquisite location surrounded by the beautiful mountains and lakes, productions of volcanic activity, is a special environment that can be found only here.

The area around Lake Chuzenji was a sacred place where Buddhist monks used to practice their religious precepts and prayed, but after the Meiji Era, it also became known to diplomats as a summer resort. Since then, many vacation villas were constructed, and the area was transformed into a major villa area on the out skirt of Tokyo.

Constructed on the site of a former hotel exclusively for foreigners, this facility was planned with the theme of coexisting with nature and the history and memory of that architecture.

The design theme follows the flow of time and history of the site. The rugged landscape, lush greenery and flowing water, combined with the traditional architecture of Nikko’s Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples; provides a dignified enigmatic atmosphere, a place suitable for Ritz-Carlton's first onsen (hot spring) .

The concept is Dignified Tranquility. The peaceful onsen against the harsh landscape brings a sense of serenity and allows guests an experience of purifying their mind and body by the energy of the earth.

We have put together a story to convey this experience, creating a story with key words for each area.

■Entrance Approach
The trip to enjoy the experience of the high-quality Japanese onsen in the land of Nikko begins when guests pass through the cut-like approach.
The act of bending slightly when passing under the noren curtain is a sign of respect at the entrance to a room as guests proceed inside.

After a moment of respite and once settled and relaxed, guests proceed to the onsen where they may enjoy the natural hot springs, savoring the peaceful atmosphere.

An intense, sacred experience of stepping forward into a new space.
Guests can experience the pleasures of Kake-yu, pouring natural spring water over themselves to purify their mind, cleanse their body, and to warm themselves before stepping into the hot bath.
「音」"Sound of gentle streams"
The gentle sound of hot water quietly shimmering down leaf decorations.
Overflowing hot spring water in a large space echoing the sounds of gently moving water.
A private bath where guests can spend time in meditative solitude, allows an experience of serene relaxation in a tranquil space.
Immersion in the mysterious white volcanic water. The ultimate quiet luxury.
The time spent after being in the onsen, time spent leisurely and gently allows an experience of relaxation of mind and body.

■Spa Treatment Zone
A unique treatment offer, the pleasures of bathing deep within the forest and in the purifying silence of nature.

The artwork throughout the space was carefully curated by an artist, the works evoke feelings of the primal forces of life. The detail and fittings of the treatment room were carved by a local shrine and temple craftsman, who were also in charge of the carvings for the Nikko Toshogu temple woodwork. This provides an authentic onsen experience that stimulates an even higher quality of time for treatments.


 Nikko-shi, Tochigi
 20000 mq
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