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A teaching-oriented park in the Aviation Town of Jiande City


Education  /  Completed
The project is located in the Aviation Town of Jiande City. Zhejiang Airport Group plans to build an aviation teaching-oriented park here, which includes the teaching building, lecture hall, office, conference room, restaurant and a hotel. The site shows strong natural properties. Through the organic integration of the building and the natural landform, this campus will be endowed with more natural properties and memories of the site, thereby contributing to the organic symbiosis between building and environment, human and nature.
The three groups of buildings present different shapes according to the terrain and enclose courtyards of different sizes. The raised green mound in the middle connects the courtyards and becomes the green lung of the park, which can regulate the microclimate of the site. Different types of overhead corridors are built at the ground floor of the building, running through the entire park and connecting different functional areas. The upper part of the building has a clear main interface while the ground floor interacts with the external environment, generating fuzziness and showing diversified spatial attributes.As the core activity space, the teaching building in the center of the park connects the hotel on one side (which also serves as a temporary dormitory for training students) and the office meeting room on the other side. Public spaces such as the lobby, cafe, lecture hall, exhibition hall, restaurant, gym are connected in series like pearls on the long corridor. When walking in the park, people can walk along the corridor or stroll on the hill, enjoying different views and comfort.
Aluminum sheets and elastic coatings are adopted as the main materials for the building facade, and the building floor is made of terrazzo, with virtually no non-renewable materials (such as natural stone). Permeable concrete is used for the outdoor landscape road to increase the water seepage and storage function of the ground. The varied terrain makes it possible to design a rainwater garden system in the park. From the perspective of passive energy saving and local climate, the teaching building in the park is designed like a “porous container”.
In the face of unconventional site conditions, the site is not flattened to design a conventional and unchallenging campus. An attempt is made to persuade Party A to respect and retain the natural conditions of the site, in order to create a park with a strong sense of place and rich spatial experience that blends architecture with nature. In this process, despite of the relatively large resistance in construction and cost, the owner and the design team still strive to stick to the original intention of the design, so that the original idea can be retained to the greatest extent.


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