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The Voyager, “A Pearl on the Plateau”, "dissolving"

Shanghai PTArchitects

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Shanghai PTArchitects
Dian Lake, also called Kunming Lake, is the largest freshwater lake in Yunnan Province with a reputation as “A Pearl on the Plateau”. And the north end of the project is adjacent to the Caohai Section of Dian Lake. The pure and tranquil Dian Lake makes people feel that time seems to be frozen there. The surrounding mountains and the crystal-clear lake water are the most precious natural treasure in this place. For this project, the architects hoped to create a "spiritual" nature, to let people appreciate the purity of the building whilst enjoy the landscape at the same time. To this end, they adopted Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's concept of “Less is More” to approach the design. The main landscape-facing interface was designed with a full glass curtain wall, assorted with materials such as pearl-white aluminum sheets that form the wide overhanging eave as well as light gray quartz tiles. Simple materials were used to produce a pure space, which reflects the concept of "dissolving". As the beautiful outdoor scenery is brought into the interior, the building is also gradually “dissolving” and blending into the natural surroundings.
The architecture looks flexible and lightweight, the entrance of which connects a path to the green land and transparent curtain walls of which face Dian Lake. The building is enclosed by a large area of flowers. The exuberant grassland and empty sky offers a pure atmosphere. The cornice of the super-wide overhanging is processed in details to keep it within 100 mm in order to enhance the lightness of the cornice. Moreover, the up and down cornices use the same thickness of the material, which ensures consistent visual effects.
The principle “Less is More” is utilized in contemporary aesthetics in diverse ways. It shakes off complicated and luxurious decorations, while pursuing a simplistic and refined visual experience. The architectural appearance was approached with natural, modern, simplistic yet refined design languages. It was abstracted into a minimalist form as a whole. The glass curtain walls blur the boundaries between the interior and outside, which embodies the beauty of the mutual permeation of the modern architecture and nature.
For better integrating nature and architecture, the architects built a delicate and tranquil environment rooted in natural landscape. The pure-white overhanging creates a spacious space where visitors can immerse themselves in the attractive mountain landscape.


 Gemdale Group
 689 mq
 Ren Xiangyi, Rao Qin, Chen Zelong
 Wang Ben, Wang Qiao, Lin Boyu, Qu Chuanhui, Yin Qiongqiong, Zhang Dan, Tian Penghui, Qi Yingzheng, Wang Lili, Xu Meng
 Chen Yuanxiang


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