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Swan Harbor Park, Chinese Aesthetics Into A Contemporary Building

Lacime Architects

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Lacime Architects

Architects sought to bring traditional Chinese aesthetics into a contemporary building. The project which is named Swan Harbor Park and covers a vast footprint of 1200 m2, meets modern demands while combining ancient elements and, showcasing Jiangnan culture and Suzhou’s regional cultural inheritance. The new intervention aims to unite a functional program with Jiangnan-styled delicate, poetic spirit.

The functions are arranged around a central enclosed courtyard space, harking back to traditional Chinese architecture. One corner of the volume bends down over the water, extending into the surrounding landscape to represent ancient Chinese culture by underscoring the unity between heaven and earth, while giving the building a light and dynamic appearance. The façade is designed with huge floor-to-ceiling glazing and several long curtain wall columns to resemble traditional wooden grating and achieve a visual connection between the indoor and outdoor environment.

The roof is clad with slates commonly seen in southern china. The selection of this material highlights the simple yet elegant architectural language of Jiangnan, while the natural texture provides an effective contrast with the light and transparent glass curtain wall. Stainless steel columns order the main façade, and to reduce construction cost, the elevation is segmented.

To reduce construction cost, the main façade glass is segmented, and the segmented position is installed with stainless steel perforated plate to make the façade look more refined and diversified. Apart from that, to make the stainless-steel columns of the main façade appear thinner, a trapezoid cross section has been used utilized. The outermost width is only 5cm, and along with a grooved design, it delivers a thinner and more refined look. Refined nodes and simple and neat colors are reflected in water, so tender and tranquil. Neat lines function to vividly demonstrate decent architectural form.

Ultra-clear glass is used for the façade, huge and transparent. Sunlight floods the indoors in the daytime, while at night the elevation illuminates the park. In the interior, industrial metal plates are combined with graceful curves, which are adopted to convey the poetic features of Jiangnan. Besides, new materials and new techniques have also been applied, resulting in a contemporary building that harmonizes with the local history and culture.


 Lacime Architects
 Song Zhaoqing (lead), Jin Guangxian (lead), Shang Yule, Zhang Yi, Ju Yicong, Liu Xiaoyan
 Construction drawing design: CSIAD
 Schran Images & Pei had


Lacime Architects uphelds the architectural philosophy "Simplify complicated material" since it was established in Shanghai. The name "Lacime" was given by founder Song Zhaoqing. It comes from French which means"peak"and express the aim to design first-class architecture work.

After 19 years'development, we have over 700 architects and rich experience in the large projects in china and overseas. We actively participate in the residential, commercial, cultural, tourism and various type of work, aiming to cultivate local talents, integrate elite design team and provide best solutions to the clients.

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