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Moon Hut, a home for modesty and humbleness

Yu Feng

Special Projects / Completed
Yu Feng

Moon Hut

I. Moon Marsh
As a general rule, there is a half-moon “Pond” in front of Hakka ancestral hall of enclosed architecture in Lingnan region, or “Moon Marsh”, as it is called, which I think to be a pool of lucid water nourishing each enclosed ancestral hall, where it contains an inexhaustible source of dew for the family. That is the origin of “Moon Hut”. So, the facade of the “Moon Hut” is expressed in the form of “Moon Marsh” of the Hakka Enclosed house. The planar profile looks like “Mid-autumn Moon”.

II. Lower Your Head, Be Modest
As of today, the world becomes, in a natural way, more and more confident. Everyone is too confident in living in the world to be modest and humble as before. Everyone is conceited and overconfident in holding his head up to the sky, never mind of the earth beneath, regardless of others or things in his life, not, never and absolutely lower his head, in the mindset of submission. Everyone is perky to hold explaining to the world his perfection, no matter how unrest and void is in his inner heart. Both achievers and losers “pretend to tell sorrow as poets do”. This is the world we live in. For this reason, “Moon Hut” serves as a home for modesty and humbleness. Anyone who wants to visit “Moon Hut” has to bow down to come in. Whoever you are, there is no “entrance” if you refuse to lower your head, or the “entrance” is around. In this huge area of Hakka ancestral hall, “Moon Hut” silently reminds all visitors, as if telling ‘hold your head down, be modest in heart, and keep humble.’ This is the sorrow of our shared “nostalgia” in this age. In the “Dawn Home” of enclosed Hakka houses, at the moment of mid-autumn moon rising, and in this time of perfect life, each visitor entering in “Moon Hut” may think of his moon-lit hometown through the bleary dome, evoke “nostalgia” that has been missed and originated from innermost memory. This is what “Moon Hut” means.

Project Site: Dawn Home, Shenzhen
Project Size: 128 square meter
Project Type: Temporary building
Main Materials: Bamboo sheets, fiberglass nets, ribbons, hollow panels
Completion Time: September 2019
Chief Designer: Yu Feng
Design Institute: Deve Build
Sponsor: Shenzhen Pingshan District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau


 Shenzhen Pingshan District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau
 Yu Feng
 Maggie Ma


Deve Build


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