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Jinke - Nature Emerald Exhibition Center, Where Everything Is Thriving

Shanghai PTArchitects

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Shanghai PTArchitects
The project currently functions as an exhibition center of a residential development, and later will become a leisure club for the occupants. It is located in Guangzhou's Nansha District, which is an ancient bay where the sea and sky seems to be closely connected and the island hills are strewn randomly. Wet rainforest is a unique symbol of this place, so the project team took it as the design concept, hoping that everyone who comes to the exhibition center will experience the iconic scenery unique to southern China and feel the vitality of the thriving forest.
Due to the restrictions of the plot, the building couldn't be organized in a convention manner. Instead, it had to be placed underground.
The design follows the principal of creating varying views at every step. When visitors walking into the space, the scenes are gradually unfolded. With a length of 194 meters, the smooth circulation route leads people downwards to the sunken negotiation and display area, where they can overlook the waterscape featuring curved contours and experience continuous and flexible scenes.
Nature is highly desired by human beings because it’s an instinctive need for us. The design team took "rainforest" as the starting point of the circulation, and created an artistic and imaginative space, which embodies the harmonious integration of nature and functionality. The swaying palm trees, waves of the waterscape, and the architecture enveloped by white aluminum plates, all showcase the natural vitality and make life more colorful.
All the designs of the project convey a common message — "everything is growing". The design team created a fluid space and incorporated in landscape atmosphere of tropical rainforest. As Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer written in The Curves of Time, "what has attracted me is the curves in nature. " The whole building adopts aesthetic arcs. Two round "mushrooms" are set at the two ends of the site, not only producing playful visual effects but also showing vigor.
This project shakes off the dull and oppressive feeling of common underground spaces. Everything grows from soil. The corridor on the first floor under the ground incorporates stalactite-like structures, which make the walking experience there more fun. Besides, a light well is carved out to increase daylighting and evoke interaction between the two floors. The two huge white "mushrooms" are not only adornments, whilst functioning as the vertical traffic space that connects the ground and underground areas.
An artistic and imaginative can evoke people’s curiosity and perception in their common life. The visitors explore the "rainforest", walk through the fantastic "limestone cave", pass by the rippling waterscape, linger at the "floating" garden and finally arrive at the club. People who have been living an urban life for a long time are yearn for a lifestyle that embraces nature. That’s why the design team worked to create this vigorous place where everything is thriving, waiting people to explore and enjoy energetic yet peaceful moments.


 Jinke Property Group (South China Branch)
 1280 mq
 Yuan Yuan, Huang Kai
 Chen Zelong, Rao Qin, Wang Ben, Ma Xu, Hu Wentao, Huang Zhihong, Lin Lin Baiyu, Liu Jun, Wu Yanjun, Ren Yi
 Huang Shuchao, Guo Juntang, Cheng Yuanxiang


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